Help send Panic to the IGF

Panic is an independent game developed by Blake Leftwich of Salute Games that takes the classic brick breaker gameplay and introduces some cool and innovative twists. Unlike many brick breakers, Panic introduces some simple physics into the mix aside that affects ball speed and travel distance. Additionally, Panic has some really interesting bonus rounds in between sets of stages that are wildly addictive. As a nice feature, you can also play the bonus levels by jumping into the options menu from the main startup screen.

A couple of gameplay notes:

  • As the ball rebounds off of blocks it builds up a score multiplier. You have to click the left mouse button to “bank” those scores. Allowing more hits to pass between banks yields a higher score, but it also increases the risk of losing the points if you don’t bank them before losing the ball.
  • The bonus games can be found under the Options menu, as well as a traditional non-physics based brick breaker.

Give Panic a try and feel free to donate to the cause, right here: