Win more free stuff! $25 and $10 Amazon gift cards

A couple of weeks ago a contest wrapped up that gave one of the blog readers a 500 Nintendo points card. Now I’m running a couple of new contests over at the Gamer Theory Forums. Each contest is extremely simple and takes just a few seconds to enter. With $70 in Amazon gift cards (2 $25 and 2 $10 cards) up for grabs, it’s worth your time to check out the forums and get yourself entered.

Link to contest details:

Last day to win the Nintendo Points card is today

Today is the last day to win the 500 Nintendo points card is today. You simply need to make a comment on the blog…on any article. I’m taking all the comments made, assigning each one a number, running them through a randomizer, and selecting a winner. Future contests will follow, but this is the final day to get in on this one.

Good luck!

Buy Pearl Jam’s Ten re-release at Best Buy, get 3 free Rock Band tracks

Ugh, after swearing off Best Buy not too long ago I find myself with a good and valid reason for shopping there again. If you buy the re-release of Pearl Jam’s Ten (and you should!) from Best Buy, you’ll get a download code to use with Rock Band to get three free DLC tracks. The songs you’ll get are “State of Love and Trust”, “Brother”, and “Alive”.

If you’re a Pearl Jam fan, you’re probably going to be getting the album anyway, so you might as well bebase yourself and get it from Best Buy at the same time so you can pick up the free bonus tracks. You can get the free tracks by purchasing either the Super Deluxe Edition (I swear, it’s really called that) or the regular release.

The details are found on the Best Buy website, found here: