Guitar Hero: On Tour is surprisingly awesome

I got my review unit for Guitar Hero: On Tour earlier this week and have had some time to play through the career mode; and to tell the truth, I’m really impressed. The touch screen works well for strumming, and the attachment that slides into the GBA slot is sturdy and reliable. The song selection was something I really was harping on before the release of the game, but I have to admit that I’ve grown to like it quite a bit. The note charts are strong, and the presentation is on par with the other Guitar Hero games that are on the consoles.

Later in the week I’ll be writing a full revew for, but I’ll probably write a separate one here on the blog as well. For those that were worried about the game translating fully to the handheld environment, I think most of our fears have been put to rest.

John Mayer sucks

Sorry for the obvious bit of news, but new evidence further solidifies my correct and undeniable statement of fact that John Mayer does indeed suck. In a recent interview the pot-smoking, ugly washed-up actress dating diva decided to take a swipe at Guitar Hero and its fans, calling them “wannabes.” Seriously, John? You think we all believe we’re doing anything more than just playing a game? Choice quotes include:

“Guitar Hero was devised to bring the guitar-playing experience to the masses without them having to put anything into it.

“And having done both, there’s nothing like really playing guitar. I mean, what would you rather drive, a Ferrari or one of those amusement-park cars on a track?”

Awesome, dude. You told all of us. You told us good.

This guitar has six strings, not 5 buttons. Therefore, I am awesome.

Shut up, John. I bet you play Madden. Oh, does that mean you’re an NFL wannabe? Yes. Yes, it does. Your songs still suck.

Link to original story: John Mayer sucks

Rock Band Releases for Tuesday, April 29

I’m getting Zero for sure. Yep, for sure.

“Red Tandy” – The Mother Hips
“Time Sick Son of a Grizzly Bear” – The Mother Hips
“Zero” – The Smashing Pumpkins

There’s no song pack this week, so all three songs are individual releases at 160 points each.

Game Releases This Week (3.17.2008)

Obviously the hot title this week is Rainbow Six Vegas 2. It should be interesting to see how the game affects Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 as far as online play goes. PS2 owners can spend the next little while catching up on the Metal Gear timeline by picking up the Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection. Here are the rest of the releases:

Xbox 360

  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2
  • Sega Superstars Tennis

PlayStation 3

  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2
  • Hot Shots Golf 2: Out of Bounds
  • Sega Superstars Tennis
  • Karaoke Revolution: American Idol Encore Bundle
  • Condemned 2: Bloodshot
  • Eye of Judgement Biolith Rebellion 2 Theme Deck
  • Eye of Judgement Biolith Rebellion 2 Booster

Nintendo Wii

  • Sega Superstars Tennis
  • Worms: A Space Oddity
  • George of the Jungle
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
  • WWII Aces

Virtual Console

  • Spelunker (NES)
  • Super R-Type (SNES)

PlayStation 2

  • Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection
  • Sega Superstars Tennis
  • Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends
  • Singstar 90’s

Sony PSP

  • World Championship Cards
  • DT Racer Refueled

Nintendo DS

  • Sega Superstars Tennis
  • Diary Girl
  • Fantasy Aquarium
  • Lost in Blue 3
  • Go Pets: Vacation Island
  • Championship Pony

Update on the haunted Ms. Pac-Man machine

Cue the X-Files music…now!

Yesterday I posted about a possibly haunted Ms. Pac-Man machine out in Boston that a Craigslist user was just giving away. Well, by the end of the day the “seller” of the machine had stated that somebody had claimed it, and nobody in either the BYOAC or KLOV forums (two very prominent arcade collector sites) had picked it up, so I figured we’d never hear about it again. I was wrong, however, as a new Craigslist ad popped up for a free Ms. Pac-Man in the same area, just in a neighboring town. Here’s what the ad said:

READ ENTIRE AD: free aracde game

Reply to:
Date: 2008-03-12, 3:51PM EDT

Free arcade game Ms Pacman. We got this game yesterday from CL. The owner warned us this was haunted and based on what we experienced last night we don’t want this in our house anymore.

Game is in our backyard and under blue tarp. THE FIRST person who picks it up gets it. The person who takes it must understand this is not a joke but that this is serious.



So, it appears that the plot has thickened. Hopefully this time it ends up in the hands of someone who I can contact for firsthand info. Would you take a gamble on this?

A moral dilemma

So two things showed up on my porch today. On one hand I had Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a game I have been highly anticipating for the past two years, and on the other hand I had what was within box #1.

Note: You can enlarge each pic by dragging and dropping it to your address bar.

Well, what was in the box?

Yep, it’s the Vectrex that was on its way! Here’s what else was in the box (8 games with their instruction manuals and overlays, the Vectrex manuals, and all the original packaging):

It looks quite comfy next to my Virtual Boy! The system is in absolute mint condition and all the games are a blast to play. Each overlay is in perfect shape as well. I really feel lucky to have come across such a great find. Ah, the Vectrex buzz…it’s like music to the retro gamer’s ears.

So in the end, who won? Well, I have to admit that I actually spent a good hour with the Vectrex before I touched Brawl…so please don’t give me too hard of a time. Impressions on Brawl will come soon.

Pata pata pata pon! Pon pon pata pon!

I was lucky enough to find a copy of Patapon for the PSP sitting on my doorstep as I got home from work today, and after taking care of the boring details of the evening (dinner, picking up a new dishwasher), I sat down and gave the quirky little game some attention. I won’t go into what Patapon is too much, since there are already reviews and plenty of hands-on impressions floating around, but I do want to say that I am really enjoying the game thus far. The game is definitely unique and refreshing, and I can’t wait to see what else it’s going to throw at me as I progress.


For people who enjoy rhythm and/or action games, this might be worth checking out. The game is only $19.99 brand new, so there’s no need to wait for a price drop or for used copies to start showing up on store shelves. If I can find the time in the next few days, I’ll give the game a full review here on the blog. Oh, you all must be waiting with such anticipation!

Edit: Penny Arcade’s comic on Patapon was hilarious…just ask somebody not playing the game but has spent time around someone who has.


Nintendo DS is averaging a sale every second in the US, Wii also strong

Yeah, that’s right…the Nintendo DS is currently averaging more than one DS sold per second in the United States right now, according the latest sales figures released by Nintendo. In the past week (which includes Black Friday), Nintendo moved over 653,000 DS Lites in the United States alone.

The Wii also is selling at an incredible pace (not exactly a secret at this point), coming in at 650,000+ units over the past two weeks. These huge numbers are definitely the reason for the continued Wii shortage on retail shelves. As the holidays approach, it’s more than likely that finding a Wii will stay extremely difficult. If you have even the slightest desire to own a Wii, and you see one in the store, don’t hesitate to grab it.

Full November numbers will be available once the NPD hits in about 2-3 weeks.