Street Fighter High: The Musical

Street Fighter High was a goofy fan-made short that appeared on YouTube a while back and got quite a bit of attention. A sequel was announced and updates have been appearing at from time to time. Well, the sequel is here and it’s a musical…of sorts. Justin Wong even has an appearance (as himself) in the piece. For an idea of the awesomeness, here’s a quote from the show.

Ryu: Chun-Li, can I take you to prom?

Chun-Li: Sure you can!

Ryu (confused): Did you…say..SHORYUKEN?!

Chun-Li: Huh?

Ryu: Oh…wait…gotcha…awesome!

Yes, it’s stupid, but you can’t look away. Head over to to see the whole thing, and if you haven’t caught the first episode, it’s embedded below.


Beating down the cheesers in Super Street Fighter IV

So back when Street Fighter IV came out I was really excited. I hadn’t seriously played any Street Fighter games since Super Street Fighter II. Even with the Alpha series I barely touched them, and the SFIII family of games were just something I never got into even passively. I’ve always loved fighting games, so it’s weird that I went so long without playing. Anyway, I picked up SFIV and was really excited about it for about a week or two. I thought it was my return to playing Street Fighter regularly. It wasn’t. It’s not because I didn’t really like the game, I did, it was because I had no time to invest in learning the game and the new fighting engine. Eventually I sold it off, figuring I would pick it back up when SSFIV came out, if ever.

Well, I picked up SSFIV a little while back, modded my arcade stick to put authentic arcade parts (Sanwa stick with an octagonal restrictor plate and Seimitsu buttons), and sat down to play. This past weekend was the first weekend I went online to compete, and boy did it feel like old times when I’d walk down to the arcade with a pocket full of quarters to test my growing skills against the other kids and teens that were sucked into the game. Right from the get go I had success, winning my first 5 online ranked matches and earning a handful of achievements in the process. I noticed that the same sorts of players still exist–the special move spammer, the combo master, the rushdown aggressive type, the defensive player, the guy who keep jumping into your uppercuts, and that one guy that everybody hates…the cheeser.

A cheeser is a guy who basically knows 3-4 tough to defend moves and he relentlessly throws them at you. Typically this guy will just hold to this strategy, whether it’s successful or not. These guys will find out what move you’re not familiar with defending and it’s all they’ll do until the round ends. If you can’t figure out a good counter, you’ll lose.

I ran into a guy playing as Vega, and here was his strategy. Hold down and back to keep a move charged. If the other player approaches, quickly do an aerial special attack. If the player throws a projectile, he’d do a backflip to avoid it and return to his crouching charge state. It was all very annoying. After the first round where I got beat by a Super finish, I was already irritated. This was the first time I had faced Vega in SSFIV, so I was totally unfamiliar with which of my moves would take priority over his, and what counters were open to me. I reverted back to old standby strategies and made short work of him in round 2. It helped that he was being somewhat cocky and careless. In round 3 he came at me with his cheese tactics 100% again, so I had a tougher time. After a throw, he had me down to 0% on my health bar, just a sneeze would do me in. He had about 50% of his bar left, and he just let loose special move after special move. I got lucky and was either dodging or countering every single move. The round ended when he tried to unleash his Ultra 1 move, which I managed to jump over and hit him with a dragon punch to finish the round. The next 10 seconds were nothing but a stream of curses coming through his mic (I wasn’t wearing one, so it came through my TV speakers). Ahhh, it felt good. I saved that replay, and I’ll show it to my kid one day to demonstrate why his mom would choose to marry a guy like me.

A great way to punish a Blanka electric thunder spammer.

Throughout the weekend I ran into many more cheesers. They don’t seem to be as rampant as they did in the past, possibly due to the punishing Super and Ultra moves, but already I’m remembering how to deal with them. In round 1 it’s best to just play your game and see what they’re going to throw at you. If you can adjust in the first round, do it, but don’t worry if they best you at this point. In round 2 you have to start punishing those moves. Even if you win the round, they’ll stick to the moves into round 3. If you can get a lead, they’ll typically panic and start trying something else, this is when you hit them with everything you have, because they’ll be so flustered they’ll incorrectly block on cross-ups and it’ll be over quickly. After that, you’ll just have to grin and hold your tongue as they whine and cuss you out on the mic.

Ah yes, whine does go best with cheese.

Street Fighter IV ticks me off!

Disclaimer: The following rant is purely the opinion of me (Brad Mosbacher) and is not reflective in any way of the opinions of Jeff Rivera, anyone else affiliated with Stupid Gamer, or the millions of SFIV fans that will maul me when they find out I posted this little rant. Now it’s time for me to rage.

This story starts out fairly innocently. I was at Target yesterday, to purchase some necessities that were long overdue for me (clothes, pillow, new shoes and the like) , so i decide while I was there that I would go ahead and purchase Star Ocean: The Last Hope for 360. But those hopes were dashed on some rather sharp rocks when they didn’t even have a slot open on their shelf for the game. So I wander about the store for a while more, picking up various items and  just looking around before coming back to look at games again. This time I notice they have Street Fighter IV in stock and I decide on a whim that I was going to buy the game, even though I know next to nothing about it, aside from what was told to me by word of mouth. I end up purchasing the game and then I check out and leave. Fast Forward to 11:30 PM: I pop the game into the 360 and install it to the hard drive, then fire it up, not knowing what to expect. I enter the game, go into options and set the difficulty to easy, then I enter arcade mode. I pick the character I want to play as, which was Ryu, and start a match, then the game does something unexpected. It comes right at me like a seasoned  pro gamer and completely annhilates me, again and again. So I pick a new character, Chun Li this time. I manage to win a couple times and was starting to feel pretty darn good about myself when it happens again. The AI goes into kill mode and wipes its electronic ass with me. Needless to say I am absolutely and totally pissed off right now, simply because of the cheapness and overpowering nature of the game’s AI, even on the easiest difficulty.  As it is now, it is absolutely impossible for me to learn how to play this game even if I wanted to (yes I know there is a training mode, but I dont like those modes). Long story short I think I made the biggest mistake of my life buying Street Fighter IV and I will probably never bother with the series again.

The Stupid Gamer Street Fighter IV Guide

At times I try to convince myself that I’m actually pretty good at Street Fighter. I mean, I probably gave local gas stations and arcades every quarter I owned from the moment Street Fighter II hit the US up until the late ’90s.  As Street Fighter IV has caused a lot of hype and attention, I have noticed that many popular message boards are filling up with newcomers asking why the series is so difficult. There are also quite a few old-timers that walked away from the game around the time that Capcom started focusing in on the Alpha series.  Well, I’m hoping that our Street Fighter IV guide will be useful to both of those groups, as well as the longtime casual player that’s never really been able to delve into the deeper bits of the battle system.

You can find the guide here:


A link to the guide is also available just below the site header. Please feel free to email me anything that you think would improve the guide at jar155 [at] I also welcome any and all criticism about my strategies or conclusions about the game. Thanks for reading!

Ok, I get it…updates have been slow!

I don’t get an enormous amount of feedback outside of commenting on the site, but lately I’ve been getting some direct emails (thanks!) from people asking when the next podcast is going up and when I’m going to get back to updating the site. I’ve been wrapped up with a handful of things, including a trip to California, some sickness, a root canal, late work nights, and STREET FIGHTER IV!


I’ll get back to normal posting real soon, including a strategy guide for Street Fighter IV, which will cover basics for newcomers to the series or to those that are just rusty because they haven’t played Street Fighter since the ’90s. I apologize for the gap between podcast releases, and we even had a plan to podcast today but I absolutely crashed when I got home from work. Five nosebleeds in one day will do that to you, you know.

Street Fighter IV fan ads

In anticipation of big releases or to celebrate great games already out, the forum members over at NeoGAF often will come together to create fan made magazine style ads. Recently the community turned their collective attention toward Street Fighter IV, and the results were quite impressive. Check out the slideshow below for a sampling of some what they’ve come up with. You can use the options on the slideshow nav bar to switch to full screen mode.