No podcast tonight.

Sorry guys, Jeff is at the EA Black Box event right now and I am unable recruit a co-host to replace him, so the podcast will not happen tonight. But fear not, for I remain committed to bringing you fine people a podcast once every week. So instead of just cancelling the podcast it is delayed till Wednesday so you can either expect it that night or Thursday morning, depending on how Jeff feels. Once again I am sorry for the delay.

Back from the dead, suckers!

You may have noticed that posts stopped abruptly for a while on the blog, but I’ve worked out all the technical issues that were keeping me from accessing my site’s backend. I’ll admit it, I’m no programmer, so when I’m being told to check this or re-write that, it takes me some time to figure out. Anyway, after some editing of php, some database tweaking, replacing some corrupt files, and nearly peeing my pants with fear on every overwrite and deletion, I’ve managed to get this baby back off of life support. I think I’m totally going to celebrate with a cookie.

Dang. I don’t have any cookies.

Vacation time!

Hey everybody, I’ll be out of town and away from the Internet until August 18th. Where am I going? I can’t say.

I’ll be in Alaska, catching some poor and defenseless fishies.

Podcast not dead

Ok, I’ve had a bunch of emails and a few comments asking about the Stupid Gamer Podcast. It’s not dead, and it will be back soon. For those that don’t know, Stephen had another open heart surgery, and this one really knocked him on his butt. He’s just getting to the point where he’s on his feet again, so it will be some time before he’s back to 100% and ready to hit the mic again. On Miguel’s end, he’s had some terrible misfortune as well. Miguel got hit by some robbers that came into his home and took his laptop, Wii, DS, GBA, GameCube, games, CDs, and much, more. Basically anything of value got taken, and the likelihood of getting his stuff back anytime soon is worse than Nintendo dropping Friend Codes.


A good luck kiss for Miguel and Steve (somehow through Mario…).

So the podcast will be back, but I’ll most likely be flying solo for a few weeks. Miguel is working on a fix for his situation, but these things take time. Stephen is still waiting on his ticker to get better, but you know he’ll come back strong.

Server upgrades, possible site goofiness

If you’ve been checking the site over the past day or two you’ve probably ran into some odd errors or site downtime. This is all due to server upgrades, so the growing pains are to help things run a bit better overall. I think we’re pretty much out of the woods at this point, so everything should be back to 100% now. If you do visit and see the site down in the next day or two, we’ll be back online shortly. Sorry, but we’re never going to die.