Pardon the dust, and the time away

When I decided to get back to putting posts up on The Stupid Gamer, I went through the process of updating the WordPress software, which caused some real issues. The site was actually down for the count until I was able to figure out that the theme was the issue. So I’m reverting back to my old theme for now, but it’s probably not permanent. Right now I’m noticing that some posts look pretty bad as they were written with the old theme’s format in mind. Sorry about that, but the work to fix those old posts would be overwhelming. New posts going forward will look great though…I promise.

As for posting, I’ll get back to it. I still love this blog and I just haven’t had a lot of time for it since getting Gamer Theory up and running. It was never my attention to abandon The Stupid Gamer. For those that come back, thanks for being patient. For the new readers going forward, feel free to browse the archives, but try not to take me too serious here…

The Stupid Gamer on Vacation

I’m out of town for the next week, so updates aren’t going to be likely. I should have an Internet connection, however, so I may squeak out a post or two. There won’t be a podcast this week, however. It should be a nice few days to get some relaxation time in and get caught up on my handheld gaming backlog while in the air and in the evenings.

Announcement: The Gamer Theory Forums

As development toward launching Gamer Theory creeps along, we’ve got the forum system up and running. Plenty of features and tweaks are still being added to the boards, so if you join now you’ll have to put up with some dust, but we’d be happy to have you join up and get posting. This weekend is the official launch of the forums.

If you want to register and start checking them out, head over to and post.

Some podcast statistics

A few people have emailed me and asked me why we bother doing the podcast. They can see that we have no sponsors, our audio quality is well behind our contemporaries, and we’re sporadic with our releases. Well, the answer is simple…people are listening to them!

Next episode is going to be episode 40, so I figured I’d dig around and see what kind of history we’ve had. For any interested, here are some statistics.

  • Average Listeners Per Show: ?243.4
  • Most Downloaded Episode: Episode #25 – Used for a Small Discount
  • Least Downloaded Episode: Episode #28 – PS3 the “next” GameCube?
  • Number of Subscribers (iTunes/RSS): 97
  • Average Show Length: 44 minutes 12 seconds

So if we can get three more subscribers (tell your mom!) we’ll hit 100. I guess that would be cool or something. But seriously, thanks for listening and for the emails of both support and criticism. I will get back to reading them on the show as several of them have been really good and insightful.

Comments fixed

Well, I thought you people just didn’t like me. It seems that commenting was messed up for a while here on the blog, but it’s fixed now. So yeah, get back to posting your comments and we’ll all be happy.

Oh, and E3 summaries for days 2 and 3 will be up shortly. There will also be a post-E3 podcast as well, hopefully in the next couple of days.

Ok, I get it…updates have been slow!

I don’t get an enormous amount of feedback outside of commenting on the site, but lately I’ve been getting some direct emails (thanks!) from people asking when the next podcast is going up and when I’m going to get back to updating the site. I’ve been wrapped up with a handful of things, including a trip to California, some sickness, a root canal, late work nights, and STREET FIGHTER IV!


I’ll get back to normal posting real soon, including a strategy guide for Street Fighter IV, which will cover basics for newcomers to the series or to those that are just rusty because they haven’t played Street Fighter since the ’90s. I apologize for the gap between podcast releases, and we even had a plan to podcast today but I absolutely crashed when I got home from work. Five nosebleeds in one day will do that to you, you know.

No podcast this week, intermittent downtime explained

First of all, there won’t be a podcast this week because I’ve not been able to sleep the past 4 nights due to a terrible toothache (broken tooth, now infected), and I’m barely getting through my work days, let alone having the time to put together a show. Sorry to both of you listeners out there.

Secondly, some of you have probably noticed that the site has been going down for 10-20 minute periods lately, with some lasting up to an hour or two. Well, it appears that our site is outgrowing it’s humble hosting environment and we’ll probably have to find a more robust and reliable option soon. This is both good news and bad news. The good news is that we’re obviously getting a lot more readers, but it’s bad because it’s obviously going to cost us more, and we don’t make enough on ads to offset that cost. Heck, we don’t make anything on ads, they just look cool over there. So until these downtimes become more of an issue, we’ll just deal with them, but we’re aware we’ll need to make a move eventually.

Thanks, for the continued support, and look for a new podcast next week. For now, I suggest catching RebelFM and the Giant Bombcast.

No podcast this week

Sorry, listener(s), but there won’t be a podcast this week. After undergoing the upgrading of phone, cable TV, and Internet services last night in the Stupid Gamer offices (my basement), we had some technical issues that prevented me from being able to record. We’ll be back next week, sexier than ever.


Kind of.