Review: Arby’s Sourdough Ham and Swiss Melt Sandwich

It’s late. I’ve had a long day. I’m hungry. Sounds like an Arby’s night.

Last week the wife and I had a late indoor soccer game and we didn’t feel like cooking. So, to placate our ferocious appetites, we stopped into Arby’s to dine. I decided, however, to pass on some of my favorites that can be found on the Arby’s menu to try something new: The Arby’s Sourdough Ham and Swiss Melt Sandwich. It looked awesome. The picture showed two thick slices of sourdough bread grilled to a golden brown that were struggling to contain a king’s portion of ham and melting swiss cheese. Oh yes, this sandwich would do just fine. After exchanging money for food and drink I sat down and began to dig into Arby’s newest offering. Read on for the full review.

Arby’s: Maker of Food and Provider of Drink

Over the years Arby’s has become one of those places that you either love or hate. Most kids aren’t too keen on Arby’s because they lack the kid-friendly menu and toys that you’ll find at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Burger King. However, many adults prefer the chain due to its more filling menu and more flavorful selection of meats, sides, and desserts. They have had their blunders (Oven Mit mascot being a prime example), but they’ve had many successes as well (the Market Fresh line). Unfortunately, the Arby’s Sourdough Ham and Swiss Melt falls into the category of blunders.

First of all, the way the sandwich is marketed is enough to drive your expectations through the roof. The ad shows perfectly toasted bread, copious amounts of ham, and melted cheese. When the sandwich is unwrapped in person, however, things look a bit different. The sandwich is a total lightweight. The meat isn’t even visible without lifting the top slice of bread. Talk about a total downgrade from expectation.


At this point, I felt like crying.

I pried the top slice of bread off to get a look at the insides, hoping that my eyes were deceiving me. This, is what I happened to find:


Before passing a final verdict on the sandwich, I chose to ask the manager if the correct amount of meat was placed upon the bread in the preparation phase. I was told, “Yeah, it does look kind of funny though, doesn’t it?” I had no words. The sandwich tasted ok, but the flavor of ham was completely overpowered by bread. When one has a hankering for ham, one does not seek a bread-dominated experience; and this is exactly what the Arby’s Sourdough Ham and Swiss Melt Sandwich provides.

Score Breakdown:

  • Flavor: 4/10
  • Presentation: 1/10
  • Hunger Satisfication: 1/10
  • Re-order Probability: 1/10
  • Overall Score (not an average): 4/10