This Week in Rock Band DLC (2.18.2008)

STP is back with another song (praise be!) and they’re joined by Weezer and Garbage. All three artists already have tracks on Rock Band, so it should bring in a familiar flavor. I’ll probably end up grabbing all three.

  • Sex Type Thing – Stone Temple Pilots
  • El Scorcho – Weezer
  • Why Do You Love Me – Garbage

Future Rock Band song list leaked?

A user from the ScoreHero forums found some hidden information buried within the .bin file of a recent song pack released (most likely the Punk Pack 02). The file contained several song names, and points to future song releases for the game. I’m not going to match song names up to artists, but I imagine many of them are notable enough tracks that you’ll already know. Here are the songs that appeared:

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
Alabama Getaway
Behind Blue Eyes
Blinded By Fear
Brown Sugar
Casey Jones
China Cat Sunflower
Come as You Are
Drain You
El Scorcho
Franklin’s Tower
I Need A Miracle
Lounge Act
March Of The Pigs
Message In A Bottle
On a Plain
Pinball Wizard
Received Your Letter
Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
Sex Type Thing
Shadow World
Shooting Star
Simple Man
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Something in the Way
Stay Away
Still Alive
Sugar Magnolia
Territorial Pissings
The Collector
The Perfect Drug
Through the Monsoon
Why Do You Love Me?

Some of the songs here are just flat out awesome, so I hope that most, if not all of these, end up making their way to the official release list. We’ll post more once we find out how valid this list is (it seems like a lock), or if this was just a case of Harmonix accidentally leaving some notes on a file (less likely).

This Week in Rock Band (2.11.2008)

No covers this week, everything is from a master track. I don’t know that I’ll grab anything this week, but I do have to admit that I did get Roam last week. It doesn’t make me less of a man, either, so shut up.

Here are the choices this week:

  • Complete Control – The Clash
  • Truth Hits Everybody – The Police
  • Teenage Lobotomy – The Ramones

This Week in Rock Band DLC (2.4.2008)

I’m not sure who asked for the B-52’s to come to Rock Band, but at least they picked their least silly and most tolerable song. Actually, the guitar for that song should be pretty fun to play. KISS and Faith No More are going to be pretty recognizable sounds for fans of the game. Here are the songs (no covers this week):

  • Roam – B-52’s
  • We Care a Lot – Faith No More
  • Calling Dr. Love – KISS

So, yeah, is anybody out there getting any of these songs?

This Week in Rock Band DLC (1.28.2008)

Here are the songs that will be available later this week. I’ll be grabbing the Smashing Pumpkins and Rush offerings, but I’ve never been big on the Coheed and Cambria stuff. Still 2 out of 3 isn’t too bad. Remember, songs with an asterisk are cover tracks.

Siva – Smashing Pumpkins (160 points)
*Working Man – Rush (160 points)
*Ten Speed (Of God’s Blood and Burial) – Coheed and Cambria (160 Points)

This week in Rock Band DLC (1.22.2008)

This week we get the Oasis pack, and the videos I’ve seen look pretty good. Wonderwall is sure to be a bit for the sing a long crowd. All three songs are pretty good songs, but where’s Champagne Supernova? Still, I’ll be picking the pack up when it’s available tomorrow on Xbox Live Marketplace. All three songs are master tracks, by the way.

Oasis Pack (440 MS points)

  • Don’t Look Back in Anger (160 MS points)
  • Live Forever (160 MS points)
  • Wonderwall (160 MS Points)

The Sundance Rock Band event was a blast

I was at a Rock Band event last night at Sundance and they had the wireless guitars there. They played pretty much like the ones now, but, well, wireless. They still use the leaf switches (no clicky), but they felt a lot more responsive. To tell the truth, I usually use my GHII guitar when playing, but I did fine with the new guitar. I’ve got a full writeup of the event coming in the next day or two. I spotted Paris Hilton outside (blech), 50 Cent inside, and Scott Weiland inside as well. I can’t remember the name of the band that played, I think it was Incident Zero or something like that, but I’ll get the name for the writeup. And man…the things that go on in a VIP room back stage…

Here are a couple of pics:

Me looking like a dork on stage with the new guitar.

Ladies getting in on the action. That’s Jeff Castaneda, from MTV Games, kneeling down with the big grin.

Mallika, one of Harmonix’s concept artists (I got some good info on some neat upcoming RB stuff):

Sorry, but cool details about what I learned about PS2’s future with Rock Band, a possible Wii version, DLC content, and more will come in an official writeup. Just know that it was a great event and the Harmonix and MTV Games guys are some of the happiest people I’ve ever met in the industry.

Rock Band DLC for next week…and the next

Typically Harmonix/EA announces the week’s DLC for the week each Monday, but accidentally leaked the release list for the rest of the month. Songs with an asterisk are cover songs. Here are the upcoming songs:

1.22.2008: Oasis Pack (440 MS points/ $5.50)

Don’t Look Back in Anger – (160 points)
Live Forever – (160 points)
Wonderwall – (160 Points)

1.29.2008: Progressive Pack (440 MS points/ $5.50)

Siva – Smashing Pumpkins (160 points)
*Working Man – Rush (160 points)
*Ten Speed (Of God’s Blood and Burial) – Coheed and Cambria (160 Points)

I’ve gone kinda cold on Oasis over time, but the songs could be pretty fun in Rock Band. I’ll most likely pick up all three Oasis songs, the Rush song, and the Smashing Pumpkins Song. It looks like the rest of the month is looking pretty good. So Activision, where’s the support for Guitar Hero III? What’s that I hear? Crickets? For shame.