The Stupid Gamer Podcast #48

We didn’t take last week off, it was lost due to technical issues. So to make up for it, this week’s show is twice as wasteful of your time! We discuss news, our Tokyo Games Show predictions, and tease some upcoming changes to the show that will begin with episode 49. Enjoy!

Note: We recorded this before any TGS news came out, so if we sound a little behind, it’s because we were! Early TGS stuff looks great though and there’s still time for some of our predictions to come true.

The Stupid Gamer Podcast #47

Back from Alaska, I’m back and ready to get rolling on the podcast once more. Joined by Brad we discuss the news of the past week, including the successful hacking of the PS3 by a group of, well, hackers. Other topics include BioShock Infinite, Metroid Other M’s trailer, what we’ve been playing, and other things of questionable quality. Enjoy!

The Stupid Gamer Podcast #46 – CGE Preview

Not a standard episode exactly, but still great listening as I preview Classic Gaming Expo with Blake and Stephen. The Expo is in Las Vegas this weekend and Stephen and I will be attending and reporting back next week. Traditional Stupid Gamer podcast episodes will also resume next week. Enjoy the show!

The Stupid Gamer Podcast #42

It’s episode #42 and Brad and I talk about some recent news and Iwata’s statement that Sony is no longer a threat and that Apple is the enemy of the future. Enjoy the show. Seriously, enjoy it.

The Stupid Gamer Podcast #41

We’re back and we brought another host along with us. This week Rahmel joins in the discussion and we cover a nice range of topics. Show notes are below.

  • NPDs are in from March 2010
  • Sony removes Linux support for PS3, hacker creates custom firmware the next day to counteract it
  • Torrent virus that gives pirates some embarrassing moments
  • More patent lawsuits for Nintendo
  • Pokemon Black and White
  • Infinity Ward losing important team members, Respawn picking some of them up
  • EA is in the Fortune 500
  • New Forums for the blog users:
  • What we’ve been playing
  • A tangent on shamed Japanese game industry members



The Stupid Gamer Podcast #40

Episode 40 is here, and we talk about the recent announcement of the Nintendo 3DS and I vent about something that bothered me regarding Heavy Rain. All spoilers with Heavy Rain are preceded by a lengthy warning. You won’t accidentally hear anything you shouldn’t, and I save it for the end. Enjoy!

Some podcast statistics

A few people have emailed me and asked me why we bother doing the podcast. They can see that we have no sponsors, our audio quality is well behind our contemporaries, and we’re sporadic with our releases. Well, the answer is simple…people are listening to them!

Next episode is going to be episode 40, so I figured I’d dig around and see what kind of history we’ve had. For any interested, here are some statistics.

  • Average Listeners Per Show: ?243.4
  • Most Downloaded Episode: Episode #25 – Used for a Small Discount
  • Least Downloaded Episode: Episode #28 – PS3 the “next” GameCube?
  • Number of Subscribers (iTunes/RSS): 97
  • Average Show Length: 44 minutes 12 seconds

So if we can get three more subscribers (tell your mom!) we’ll hit 100. I guess that would be cool or something. But seriously, thanks for listening and for the emails of both support and criticism. I will get back to reading them on the show as several of them have been really good and insightful.