The Stupid Gamer Podcast #58

Episode 58 is here and as E3 approaches news is starting to dry up. We talk about the continued PSN issues, L.A. Noire causing headaches for both PS3 and 360 owners, and what we’ve been playing for the past week. Eat your Wheaties, listen to the podcast, and be successful.

The Stupid Gamer Podcast #57

After a week in Hawaii, it’s time to get back on the mic and kick out another show. We discuss the latest round of Project Cafe rumors, the PSN hacking, Mass Effect 3’s delay, and more. As a heads up, Brad and I are on different channels again, so if you’re not hearing one of us, put your other earphone in. Next week I’ll go back to downmixing to one track.

We also talk about the current contest on our Gamer Theory Facebook page where we’re giving away another free game. Check out the page at for details.

The Stupid Gamer Podcast #55

We continue our discussion about social media integration in games, talk about Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka’s comments about Nintendo and Microsoft, Gamstop’s foray into digital distribution, and get into what we’ve been playing.

Enjoy the show.

The Stupid Gamer Podcast #52

We’re here with some light discussion of the 3DS, Dragon Age 2, Pokemon Black and White, and we introduce our discussion topic that we’ll be getting into more detail on the next podcast. Listen up, and enjoy.

The Stupid Gamer Podcast #51

Episode 51 is here and it features our 2010 game of the year awards, some information on the Nintendo 3DS launch, and what we’ve been playing. Editing is a little rough, and my dog Bowser is probably going to be heard in the background at one point, so you already know that 2011 hasn’t blessed us with any additional professionalism.