Gaming sites forced to talk about games again

In a move that will crush many a forum goer, the NPD Group has announced that they will stop sharing sales data with the public on an open basis to non-subscribing members. This means that we’ll no longer get the monthly megaton sales threads across each video game message board detailing the console and software sales. So what does this mean? Well, we’ll still get some sort of idea of how the machines are selling, because each month companies will be spinning their PR talk about how well their consoles are selling, and we should be able to figure out rough numbers.

So why the change? Some people think that the NPD wants more control over the numbers in order to demand a bigger premium for subscribers and more of an incentive for companies to pay for the results. Others think that grumpy old Sony has been moving to have the monthly numbers quashed for some time. Personally, I believe the former.

Source: N’Gai Croal with Newsweek

Happy 35th Anniversary Atari!

Ok, so the anniversary was yesterday, but I couldn’t get around to posting. I did, however, co-host a podcast with Stephen Smith last night, so either later today or tomorrow you can check it out. We talk about Atari, the shift in game design philosophy from Atari’s time unitl now, and we even share some fun stories about Atari and the early days of retail gaming. In honor of Atari, I invite all of you to pull out those old 2600 systems and fire up some classics.


It’s a shame that Atari is pretty much a shell of what they once were. Us gamers owe a huge part of our love of games to the pioneering efforts of Atari in both home gaming and in the arcades.

Adam Mapleson: A gamer and a hero for a day

Adam Mapleson, a 24-yr. old gamer was shot yesterday in the chest while coming to the aid of a woman who was being robbed by two gunmen. Adam saw what was going on and tackled one of the woman’s assailants. In the scuffle, Adam was shot in the chest, which has landed him in the hospital. A witness at the scene said that blood was everywhere. Both of the robbers ran after the fight, but Adam’s involvement possibly saved others from danger.

Adam is hospitalized and listed in serious but stable condition.