Top Ten GameCube Games

GameCube games? Who cares, right? Wrong! The GameCube was awesome, and despite it’s lackluster performance on the sales charts, it was probably the console that I put the most time into during the past generation. Since the Wii is fully backwards compatible with all GameCube software, now is a great time to grab some of the GameCube classics. So, here are my personal top ten games that were released for the Nintendo GameCube (you’ll notice I cheat the total a bit, deal with it).

  • Metroid Prime 1 & 2
  • Super Mario Sunshine
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
  • Pikmin 1 & 2
  • F-Zero GX
  • Animal Crossing
  • Eternal Darkness
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  • Beyond Good and Evil

Funny enough, picking a top ten for the GameCube was actually harder for me than picking a top ten for either the PS2 or Xbox. I’ll share those lists at some point down the line. I fully expect all of you to be waiting with the highest degree of anticipation.

Nintendo defines “Holy Crap!” with their earnings report

Nintendo’s latest earnings report showcased some insane sales numbers and some pretty lofty sales expectations for the DS and Wii. The numbers also provided lifetime sales for the GBA and GameCube. While there are still a few Cubes and GBAs getting sold, the numbers are so insignificant that we can effectively take these numbers as their final sales totals. Here are the numbers pulled from the report:

GameBoy Advance (all versions): 81,060,000
North America: 41,640,000
Japan: 16,880,000
Other: 22,530,000

GameCube: 21,740,000
North America: 12,940,000
Japan: 4,040,000
Other: 4,770,000

Current hardware (lifetime to date):
Nintendo DS: 70,600,000
North America: 22,390,000
Japan: 22,380,000
Other: 25,820,000

Nintendo Wii: 24,450,000
North America: 10,610,000
Japan: 5,900,000
Other: 7,940,000

Other Fun Numbers:
DS has 57 million-selling games (LTD)
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: 14.77 million sold
Brain Age 1 and 2 (combined): 23.81 million sold
Smash Bros Brawl: 4.85 million as of March 31
The Wii has 26 million-selling games.

Sales Forecast For Next Fiscal Year:
Nintendo Wii hardware: 25 million sold worldwide
Nintendo DS hardware: 28 million sold worldwide
Nintendo Wii Software: 177 million sold
DS software: 187 million sold

So in less than half the time, the Wii has already surpassed GameCube (and Xbox) lifetime sales. That’s pretty impressive and a big turnaround for Nintendo who has struggled the past two generations. The DS is just crazy. There’s not a lot that needs to be said there, because the monstrous numbers speak for themselves. It’s easily going to fly past the GBA lifetime sales,especially if the DS is around for as long before a true successor hits.

The mother lode of NES games all in one auction

For the next 5 days you can have a crack at owning the complete collection of NES games without having to track anything down individually. An eBay seller has listed his entire collection of 739 NES games, many with boxes and manuals, for sale in one giant auction.

At the time I was writing this, the bidding had topped $6,100. With 5 days left, I’m guessing the final bid may break the $10,000 barrier.

Here’s a link to the auction (this link will die about a month after the auction ends):

Metroid 2 remake

I’m down and out with a migraine today, but this was so cool I still had to share. This is a remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus. I’ve always felt that the game has been criminally underrated, but I can understand why many Metroid fans aren’t immediately drawn to it. Follow the YouTube link below to check it out.

Metroid II remake.

Side note: For some reason I can’t get YouTube videos to embed properly in posts. When this raging headache disappears, I’ll figure out why and I’ll start making videos a regular part of the site. Excited? I’m sure you are.

Nintendo conference showcases new DS and Wii announcements

In a conference today, Nintendo unveiled new plans for the DS and Wii. While information is still trickling in at the moment, here are some of the highlights:

Games Shown/Announced:

Fire Emblem DS
Wii Music
Super Mario Stadium Baseball
Mario Kart Wii
Famicom Wars Wii (Battlion Wars II)
Dragon Quest IX

Games and Features Coming to WiiWare:

Dr Mario
Star Soldier R
Pokemon Ranch
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – The Little King and the Country of Promise
DS Station Channel (DS demo download)

Exhanced Wii Voting Channel – recommend games. Search based on recommendation.

So how awesome is it that we’re finally getting a Fire Emblem on the DS? Too awesome? Maybe. Also, the DS demo downloads are sure to be a great asset to those that own both a DS and a Wii. It seems that you can download demos to your Wii and transfer them via wireless connection to your DS. Pretty slick.

More information is still coming in, so we’ll update with anything worth noting.

Nintendo: We’re So Awesome

The Nintendo E3 Press Conference was pretty tame overall. I couldn’t give it the full not treatment due to that whole 9-5 thing that gets in the way, but I have some thoughts on it anyway. While the conference was pretty weak on the game lineup front, the show was entertaining. Reggie, Iwata, and Miyamoto all came out and were candid, open, and witty. Not much was announced, but here are the highlights:

  • Mario Kart Online is coming to the Wii early 2008 and comes bundled with a steering wheel attachment
  • Wii Zapper will come bundled with software or $19.99 standalone – promises of a lot of game support from 1st and 3rd parties
  • Super Mario Galaxy looks outstanding and just shot to my #1 most anticipated title
  • Phantom Hourglass was shown and looked great
  • Metroid Prime 3 was shown on stage and seems to be all that we hoped it would be
  • Promises of way more 3rd party support
  • Wii Fit is shown and uses a new peripheral – the Balance Board. This thing will probably sell millions
  • TONS of games were revealed after the conference, but weren’t even talked about on stage
  • Nintendo is ready to push gaming into the mainstream even further, hopes to not alienate core gamers

Overall I’d say the conference was more fun than either Microsoft or Sony’s efforts, though Sony definitely showed the most in regards to killer software. I think Nintendo could have spend more time on the games they have to offer, because their lineup is strong this year (Metroid, Mario, Zelda, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Donkey Kong, Resident Evil, EA Sports online games, and much more). I’m willing to bet that Nintendo was aiming to capture the mainstream press’ attention once again, and in that they probably succeeded.

Oh, and there is some little Smash Bros. event tomorrow. But who cares about that, right?

EB Siege – pushes to bring Mother Trilogy Stateside, one of the finest Earthbound fan communities on the Internet is working hard to urge Nintendo to bring the rest of the Earthbound series over to North America. While some want to see an anthology style disc, some want GBA or DS ports, others are looking for Virtual Console support. The one thing in common, however, is that everybody wants the game released in the US. In dramatic fashion, the call to action reads:

The EarthBound Fans’ Last Stand:

Nintendo has ignored EarthBound fans for over a decade. It’s time for us to make our final stand, and not with a petition. Each of us is personally communicating with Nintendo — sending letters, drawing artwork, and talking with them in person, on the phone. Will they finally recognize us, or is this the end of the line? You, the person reading this, will help determine the fate of MOTHER 3. You will determine whether EarthBound and MOTHER ever see the light of day in America (and beyond) ever again.

It only takes a few moments to participate in one way or another. I would urge any of you out there with even a passing interest in the series to take action. If fans could get CBS to put Jericho back on the air after it was canceled, perhaps Earthbound/Mother can receive a proper translation and Stateside release after all.

Check out further details, including some great artwork, here:

Happy Trails to Nintendo of America Execs

Game-Informer online is reporting that around 90% of the Nintendo of America sales and marketing staff will not be making the move with Nintendo out of Redmond when the comapny leaves for either New York or San Francisco. The three most notable names include Perrin Kaplan, George Harrison, and Beth Llewelyn.

I’ve met George and Perrin a couple of times and have worked with and interviewed Beth in the past. All three are great at their job and have been wonderful for Nintendo of America over the years. While I’m sure Nintendo will find competent replacements, it will be interesting to see if their personalities are missed by those of us that work with Nintendo PR.

George Harrison has been with Nintendo of America for the longest time and is Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Beth Llewelyn is Senior Director of Public Relations, and Perrin Kaplan is VP of Marketing & Corporate Affairs.

Source: Game-Informer Online