Newsflash: Teens play videogames…even violent ones

In the wake of the Virginia Tech University shootings, that worm Jack Thompson has crawled his way onto television once more to lay the blame on videogames. Newsflash Jack, teens play games. Just because some (not even all) of these shooting spree nutcases happened to play games, it doesn’t mean you can pin the reason for their insanity on Grand Theft Auto or, the ever popular scapegoat of yesteryear, Doom.

Here is a list of other things that teens do, including those that lost their mind and turned into killers:

  • Wear clothing
  • Drive cars
  • Eat food on a daily basis (this includes drink)
  • Attend school
  • Breath air of varying levels of pollution
  • Have parents
  • Know people

How is Jack so sure that it’s the games that are turning these kids into killers? Weren’t there some campus shootings before violent games? Maybe we should focus in on the food issue. I guarantee if we stop allowing teens to eat food that they’ll stop their rampaging within a month or two and it will be a permanent fix.

I don’t mean to make light of a tragic situation, but it sorta pisses me off that this slimeball can get on the news to start pushing his personal agenda even before the victims have been properly identified, their families notified, and the real reasons for the tragedy have surfaced. If the guy really cared about people on an individual level, he’d show some respect by offering some condolences and waiting for families to properly grieve before getting political. Good show Jack, good show.

Seanbaby is a complete idiot

Typically I don’t like to call anybody out, especially a fellow industry member, but I have to share my complete and total disdain for 1up/EGM’s Seanbaby. I know the guy has been around for years and he has his fans and followers, but it seems like every article, podcast, or feature he is a part of is a degenerate piece of trash. This week’s EGM Live featured Seanbaby as their “special guest” and it immediately became a worthless production. Instead of the thoughtful and insightful opinions on current news and events in the gaming industry that we normally get, we ended up with a bunch of fu**s, sh**s, sex jokes, obnoxious noises, and sophomoric humor.

I know that videogames aren’t the most serious subject, but I still think the industry deserves a level of respect that Seanbaby is incapable of having. All throughout the podcast you could almost see the other EGM editors cringing as they forced laughter to avoid awkward silence or to bite back offensive reactions. On my end, I simply waited and hoped he’d bail out sometime soon so the show could go on without him. The frequent use of profanity, offensive words (like retard), and innuendo only highlights the guy’s complete lack of clever thought. The act grew old after a few EGM articles, it’s time that Ziff Davis (or whoever owns EGM/1up these days) realizes that and cuts the guy loose.

Seanbaby: The face behind the irritation.

Basically he’s the equivalent of that kid in the 2nd grade that learned four letter words first. Sure, the first time you see or hear the guy’s shtick it’s mildly humorous; but when it’s repeated and recycled well beyond its novelty stage, it grates on the nerves. He’s not funny, not cute, and ultimately not worth paying attention to.

A breath of fresh air in the gaming scene

Luke Smith, one of’s most notable editors has a talent for bringing the passion out in his readers.
Many accuse him of being a little anti-Sony, a little anti-Nintendo, and a whole lot pro Microsoft. I kind of see it different, however. Luke, unlike many gaming journalists, is willing to call things just as he seems them. In fact, Luke is one of the strongest critics out there when it comes to microtransactions and the upcoming consumables on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Anybody who has listened to the 1up Yours podcast knows he gets riled up and angry at each ridiculous news item, but many often forget to notice how he heaps praise on those that deserve it. Luke’s news posts often have a nice editorial touch to them as well. While many want “just the facts and only the facts,” I find it refreshing that a journalist is comfortable mixing his own opinion with what is being reported. Since Luke always writes in a manner that makes fact and opinion easily distinguishable, it’s a safe practice in my opinion.

Now I’m not just sucking up to Luke here. In fact, I highly doubt he’ll ever make his way to this little corner of the internet. I just want to give credit where I honestly feel it’s due.

Oh, and I hated him at first too. Give him some more time if he bugs you, you’ll come around and see that a voice (and attitude) like his is nothing but good for gaming.