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No podcast tonight.

Sorry guys, Jeff is at the EA Black Box event right now and I am unable recruit a co-host to replace him, so the podcast will not happen tonight. But fear not, for I remain committed to bringing you fine people a podcast once every week. So instead of just cancelling the podcast it is delayed till Wednesday so you can either expect it that night or Thursday morning, depending on how Jeff feels. Once again I am sorry for the delay.

A strategic alliance for the future.

Greetings everyone, I bet you’re all so used to only Jeff posting to this blog. Well that has just changed. My name is Brad Mosbacher, former Features Editor for Nintendo World Report.  I have been brought aboard to provide all of you with interesting and well written updates when Jeff himself is unable to post.

I am also here to provide posts that slightly differentiate in taste compared to the standard variety of posts that Jeff makes. However, this alone is not the cause of my appearance. Jeff and I have big things planned in the future. What these plans are I cannot say just yet, but it is the culmination of his and my combined resources. Needless to say, I hope you will enjoy what we have in store for all of you.

CBS buys CNET (Gamespot)

CBS announced that they are acquiring CNET, including the popular gaming site, Gamespot. The move will give CBS a share in the coveted top 10 Internet destinations with the acquisition, and help them become a major player in the world of tech and video game journalism. The deal includes the full CNET umbrella, which is comprised of CNET, ZDNet,,, CNET News, UrbanBaby, BNET, and Estimates claim that the network receives more than 200 million monthly viewers, with over 54 million of them being unique users. Pretty impressive.


So does this mean anything for Gamespot? Not really. If you recall, IGN was bought out by News Corp (Fox) a while back and it really didn’t make any noticeable differences.