E3 Summary Day 1

Yeah, this is coming after day 1 is over, but that’s due to the fact that my hotel sucked and I couldn’t get online at night. But I kept my thoughts organized, so here we go.

In the morning I got up early and left the hotel at 6:30am and went for a walk to go get some breakfast. As per tradition, my first breakfast was at the Denny’s at Figueroa and Olympic. It’s not the best food obviously, but when you can have breakfast for under $5, you’re not going to complain. I then walked over to Club Nokia and picked up my Nintendo press conference pass, but the show didn’t start for another hour and 10 minutes. This gave me time to pick up my badge holder over at the LA Convention Center where the E3 Expo is held.

The entrance to E3 on day 1.
The entrance to E3 on day 1 (click to enlarge).

Out in front of the convention center Ecto 1 sat there for dorky fanboys like myself to drool over. Stay Puft was also present, but seeing the Ghostbusters’ ride was pretty neat and worth spending some time checking out. After getting my badge holder and humming the Ghostbusters theme, I made my way back to Club Nokia and got seated for the Nintendo press conference.

Ecto 1, parked outside of E3 (click to enlarge).
Ecto 1, parked outside of E3 (click to enlarge).

The Nintendo conference started strong with New Super Mario Bros. Wii (which I predicted via Twitter correctly just before the event started), a game that pretty much everybody in the crowd got behind almost immediately. The rest of the conference was pretty solid aside from a few slow periods in the middle. Games such as Golden Sun DS, Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Wii Sports Resort, Wario Ware DIY, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again, Sin and Punishment 2, Dead Space: Extraction, and especially Metroid: Other M all were big hits with the crowd. I came away from the conference with a feeling like this was going to be a much better year for Wii and DS owners than the past year.

At the Nintendo E3 2009 Press Conference (click)
At the Nintendo E3 2009 Press Conference (click)

After the Nintendo conference I headed back over to the convention center and had my first meeting of the expo.  I had the chance to sit in on three private demos with 2K Games, who were showing Borderlands, Mafia II, and BioShock 2. All three games showed very well, and I think 2K should winners with all three. I was pretty amazed with the top notch directing in Mafia II, as it had some of the most professional and cinematic cut-scenes I have ever seen in gaming. Borderlands had that mix of addictive loot gathering and top-notch FPS action that can make for a dangerous time killer. Also, BioShock 2 was looking pretty good, even if we weren’t shown anything new on the single player front.

Inside the BioShock 2 private demo room (click)
Inside the BioShock 2 private demo room (click)

After 2K I had some time to do some wandering and I was absolutely blown away by the sheer volume of great games to be found anywhere I looked. Left 4 Dead 2, Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Brutal Legend, God of War 3, Sin and Punishment 2, Forza 3, Battlefield 1943, Uncharted 2, Scribblenauts, and many more just jumped out at me one after the other. If I didn’t have an appointment with Nintendo later in the day, I might have been just flat out paralyzed by too many choices.

A random shot from the show floor (click).
A random shot from the show floor (click).

The Nintendo appointment was awesome. The lines were pretty long at Nintendo, so being able to skip those waits and get hands-on with New Super Mario Bros., Wii Sports Resort, Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, and others in the Nintendo lineup was a nice perk. Playing the multiplayer stuff with my fellow Kombo writers was a ton of fun, especially the 3-point contest in Wii Sports resort. After the Nintendo appointment, I stuck around West Hall and checked out the Activision and Sony booths before retreating to the media room to get my first articles written.

Wii Fit Plus at the Nintendo Booth at E3 2009 (click)
Wii Fit Plus at the Nintendo Booth at E3 2009 (click)

After the show, I made my way back  my hotel, exhausted but quite excited about what I had seen and what was left out there for me to get my hands on in the next couple of days. The first night’s sleep was horrible, as noise outside of my hotel room approached unbearable levels. It basically sounded like a man with a baseball bat had nothing but eternal hate for the garbage dumpster down in the alley. At least once an hour that dumpster took a harsh beating that would last for as long as it would take to completely chase away any bit of sleepiness I had in me. Day two was going to start with me feeling exhausted, I could already tell.

Final Fantasy XIII ad on Hotel Figueroa in downtown Los Angeles (click)
Final Fantasy XIII ad on Hotel Figueroa in downtown Los Angeles (click)

Day 2 Summary
Day 3 Summary
E3 Link Dump, Photos

Is Twitter ruining the fun of E3?

I use Twitter, let me say that first. I was one of those reluctant users until I started seeing news break on the there and I realized that in addition to basically using a public IM service, I could actually use it as a great source for gaming/gadget/entertainment news. Between my Tweets of how I recently ate too much and was going to regret it, I could read news snippets released by journalists from 1up, Giant Bomb, Kombo, and other gaming outlets. It was great. But as E3 has neared, I’ve found that there’s a downside as well.


No, you won’t find spoilers in this post, but all over Twitter you will. With E3 rapidly approaching, employees of game development studios, sleuthy reporters, and PR folk are leaking info about what companies will be showing at the expo. These Tweets get picked up, turned into full-blown news stories, and they’re once again Tweeted about by the millions of Twitter followers. Basically if you follow anybody on Twitter, you’re bound to have any fun surprises ruined for you. It’s not the end of the world, but where’s the drama? When Nintendo rolled Zelda out as a last minute surprise with Shigeru Miyamoto coming on state with a sword and shield it was one of the silliest and awesome moments of any E3 show ever. Had that been spoiled for everybody a day or two prior, the crowd would have just shrugged and collectively said, “meh, knew it was coming.”

I guess you can choose to avoid Twitter in the days prior to any shows or press events, but if I do that, how will I know when @GarnettLee is taking time out of his crazy day to build himself a sandwich?

The Stupid Gamer at E3

So Monday after work I’ll be hopping on a flight and heading out to LA for E3. I have a bunch of cool meetings and booth tours lined up, as well as some killer parties. Each year I promise good E3 coverage, but I’m almost always overwhelmed with my duties to Kombo.com. This year, however, I’m at least going to post a daily wrapup of what I saw, played, and experienced at the show. If you know of a game at the show that you want very specific comments on, please email me at jar155 [at] gmail.com and I’ll check it out the next day and give it some special attention.

Enjoy the coverage! Check out Kombo.com for my work…or not.


Most anticipated games of E3 2009

Ahhh, E3 is back to its old form, and I’ll be there to partake in all the splitting headaches, packed crowds, sweaty geeks, late parties, and very late writing sessions. The hype is back as well, so I might as well do my part and share what has me amped up for the show as far as the games go.

BioShock 2

Even with Ken Levine moving on to handle a different project, I’m still very excited to see how BioShock 2 is coming along, and the show floor will definitely offer a chance to get some hands on time with the game. Quite a bit about the title has been revealed already, but it’s the feel of the game that I’m most interesting in seeing for myself.

The Beatles: Rock Band

Yeah, I’m feeling a bit of the music rhythm burnout that’s going around, but the thought of applying the Rock Band conventions to one of the most iconic and influential bands of all time has my interest piqued. It might be kind of difficult to get a good grasp on the game in an expo setting, but I think that it should be enough to satisfy my curiosities.

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

I know Sony will have bigger games on display at E3 this year, but in regards to pure fun, this is the title in Sony’s lineup that looks like the big winner. I’d give inFAMOUS the title, but it’s releasing so soon after E3 that I’d prefer to check out the stuff a bit farther away.

Modern Warfare 2

Yeah, it’s another FPS game, but when Infinity Ward puts one out, it’s typically an experience on par with what you get from the likes of Bungie or Valve. After CoD4, the FPS landscape has been forever changed (see how many games are using perks now?), and it’s time for IW to show that they’re still the current king of the genre.

Pikmin 3

Whatever Nintendo announces, I think that Pikmin 3 is still going to be the one game that I’ll fight the crowds to see on day one. By now the game should be in a playable state, but you never know if Nintendo just might decide to hold this one out until Tokyo Game Show.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

I’m not aware of any current plans by Ubisoft to have this on the show floor, but it’s been in development long enough that it should have some sort of presence at the show. The teaser trailer that came out was good and all, but it didn’t show anything in regards to gameplay. If this game is playable on the show floor, I’ll be a happy geek.

The rest:

  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  • Assassin’s Creed 2
  • Halo 3: ODST
  • Heavy Rain
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • God of War III
  • Alan Wake
  • Bayonetta
  • FIFA 10

There are a handful of other games, especially on the handheld front that I’ll be looking to check out if I get any free time as well. During the days of the show most of my time will be dedicated to covering things for Kombo, but I’ll try to drop a few posts here, especially in regards to the parties and events. Maybe I’ll even throw out a quick podcast or post some videos…or not. We’ll see.

IGN’s early E3 predictions

These just hit my inbox, straight from IGN, so I figured I’d pass them along. IGN has put out some early E3 predictions for E3. They aren’t very in-depth, but obviously they want you to visit their site to see those as they roll them out leading up to the show. I’ll make my preditions later, so for now, enjoy what IGN has to offer.

  • Sony: Chris Roper, Editor-in-Chief, IGN PlayStation Team, predicts that Sony will announce a new version of the PlayStation Portable. The announcement of a price drop for the Sony PS3 console is also expected. 
  • Microsoft: IGN Xbox Team Editor-in-Chief Hilary Goldstein predicts that Microsoft will finally pull back the curtain and reveal the long-awaited blockbuster, Alan Wake, while also unveiling a new motion sensor camera that will revolutionize the way videogame cameras are used.  
  • Nintendo:  Matt Casamassina, Editor-in-Chief, IGN Nintendo Team, expects the success of the Wii to be an overriding theme and predicts announcements of classic game downloads for the DSi, as well as new Mario, Pikmin and Zelda adventures. 

Best of E3 2008

There’s nothing like putting out an E3 best of or wrap-up post a few days after everybody else, but since quite a few things have come out in the days after E3, I decided to wait a bit before posting my picks. E3 was an interesting thing this year. It’s a far cry from the days when I had to push through sweaty fanboys struggling to get their picture taken with a scantily-clad booth babe while trying to wrap my mind around the multiple bombshells dropped by each of the big three. This year, the show is in its second year of being majorly scaled back and with a much tighter focus on holiday lineups rather than fanfare and showcasing lots of new projects.

Nintendo came out a bit flat, but they announced a few interesting things in print. Microsoft had a solid showing of their upcoming games and easily the show’s biggest announcement, but they maybe played things a bit too safe. Sony had a great showing of games, but again, we didn’t see much in regards to new stuff outside of a few things that are quite a ways off. Here are my favorites from this year’s E3 show:

Gears of War 2 – Cliff Bleszinksi appeared at the Microsoft press conference to do a live demo of Gears 2 and it looked spectacular. With a new mode (Horde) and a much larger scale, Gears of War 2 is looking like much more than just more of the same.

Resistance 2 – The first Resistance game was, for quite some time, the only PS3 game that I really enjoyed and felt comfortable recommending to new PS3 owners. The sequel is taking the fight to America and there are some massive battles in store for the player. The co-op and multiplayer modes also sound fantastic.

Animal Crossing – While we didn’t get many details, more Animal Crossing is always a good thing. The 4-player online play looks like it could be quite fun, and the inclusion of the WiiSpeak helps to make the experience all that much more enjoyable. Mii integration should be interesting, but I’m not sure I want Satan or Hitler romping around my town. Here’s hoping that a lot of new surprises are still going to be unveiled.

Chrono Trigger DS – My favorite classic Square RPG in portable form? Sign me up! Chrono Trigger DS will also have the animated cinematics from the PSOne version of the game and a bonus dungeon. WIth multiple endings, I’m sure there’s reasons for even those familiar with the game to give it another spin.

Galaga Legions, Geometry Wars 2 – These are two Xbox Live Arcade games that get my arcade-loving heart pulsing with anticipation. Both games look like they’ll be a blast and should push me toward bumping up my high scores whenever I get the chance.

inFamous – The game looks a lot like Crackdown, but taken to entirely new level. The devs over at Sucker Punch are very talented, and it looks like this game could be one of the bigger hits for the PS3 when it hits store shelves. For such a big world, the graphics were also quite impressive.

Fallout 3 – Probably my most anticipated upcoming release that was shown at E3 (Pikmin 3 would be my overall most anticipated game), this game seems to take the Oblivion formula and make it infinitely less boring (sorry, guys, Oblivion was a snoozer). The game looks to have a perfect mix of style, humor, action, and RPG elements to combine for a modern classic.

Resident Evil 5 – Even though we’ve seen this game quite a few times, it still impresses me each time I get more info or a chance to see more of it in action. While it’s not a huge leap over Resident Evil 4 in regards to gameplay, it looks like it adds just enough to keep things fresh. The online co-op should be quite the experience.

Best of E3

Little Big Planet – This game has been shown over and over again but each time it draws big grins and sends my mind racing with the possibilities that this game will give the gaming public once we finally get it into our dirty little hands. I can only hope that the active community around this game stays large for years to come.

Here’s a developer walkthrough at E3:

Stupid Gamer Podcast #20 – Sony and Nintendo E3 conference recap

Another day at E3, another really rushed podcast! I promise that after these recaps that I’ll get back to injecting some personality and insight into the podcasts. For now, these serve as a pretty good overview of what we’ve been shown at the press conferences. Tomorrow’s podcast should definitely be more interesting and worth listening to. Now if I could only get a co-host…

Anyway, click either the Audio MP3 button or the download link to listen. You can click the little play icon, but that’s sometimes a little screwy.

Sony E3 press conference notes

I know how you like ’em…sloppy!

-Sony show starts off with a crazy montage of video and noise
-some games are out, some are yet to be released
-In the first 30 seconds, they’ve already shown more than Nintendo did
-PS3, PSP, and PSN all represented in opening video

Jack Tretton (man, this guy is unbearable)

-He always seems nice, but he’s got the personality of tin foil
-PlayStation brand hitting its stride
-Seeds for PlayStation brand laid 15 years ago this week
-Sony took a longer look ahead when making their consoles, wanted 10 year life spans for consoles
-2 years into PSOne life cyclce, biggest hits still a year or more away
-Saying PS3 is primed to hit its stride
-PS3 drove Blu-ray format to victory
-Cell processor used to power supercomputers
-Folding at Home set a Guiness World Record
-More about how powerful the PS3 is
-The PS3 is most complete Blu-ray player
-I’m getting antsy, we know you have the games, Sony. We get it, the PS3 is powerful
-PlayStation in 2008 “all about software”
-Exclusive games make up the consumer’s mind

Resistance 2
-As expected,it looks stunning graphically
-Enemy is a massive monster…size of Godzilla
-The player is ducking into a building for cover and taking shots when possible at the monster
-It’s hard to describe this, it just looks fantastic and intense
-Set in 1953, America
-Chicago is a setting, border states under attack
-8 player online co-op
-60 player online competitive modes
-Game going for huge scale
-Twin Falls, Idaho level shown in a new trailer

Little Big Planet
-Sackboy dressed in Celtics gear
-LBP used to show charts off…much better than Powerpoint
-The game just looks so awesome
-The audience is definitely digging this manner of presentation
-In 2008, Sony will distribute official in Latin America
-10 million PS3s and 15 million PSPs are the sales goals for the year
-PS3 Greatest Hits starting this year at $29.99 (Resistance, Motorstorm, Warhawk, Call of Duty 3, Fight Night, Need for Speed Carbon, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Assassin’s Creed, Oblivion, Ninja Gaiden Sigma)
-LBP set to appeal to all demographics

PlayStation 2
-Success of PS2 allowed Sony to be more agressive with PS3
-More than 130 titles for PS2 in 2008
-Video montage showing upcoming games
-EA Sports stuff, Star Wars, Warriors orochi 2, Singstar, Yakuza 2, Mercenaries 2
-Buzz hits PS2, PS3, and PSP this year
-PS2 is perfect entry level system, new bundle to support that. Comes with Lego Batman (game) and Justice League: New Frontiers on DVD (film)

PlayStation Network
-All PlayStation users will have a unified id
-PSN to drive online social interaction between platforms
-Over 180 million downloads so far on PSN

Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty

-Shorter game, lower price
-Continuation of Ratchet and Clank Future storyline
-Looks very much like Tools of Destruction, but with some neat new abilities
-Ratchet’s wrench has new functionality
-$14.99 price
-Out “this summer”

PSN video montage being shown

-R&C: Quest for Booty, Crash Commando, Fat Princess, Pixel Junk Eden, Pain: Amusement Park, Flower, Siren: Blood Curse (scary as all get out), Ragdoll Kung Fu
-The games looked pretty good, overall

Gran Turismo TV
-Added to GT5: Prologue
-Free and pay-per-view distribution of shows
-Some original programming produced by Polyphony Digital
-In-depth looks at industry-related locations
-Behind the scenes footage of races, business, etc.
-Seems like a huge undertaking for a single game release…crazy stuff
-Top Gear part of the distribution

-Trophies part of gameplay and community strategy

PlayStation Home
-Games, film, video, music, and branded content all in one place
-Game specific spaces from developers and publishers
-Video showing home functionality
-Still looks like Second Life + Xbox Live to me…
-Game-specific spaces are themed areas related to a certain game

-Full length movies and shows through PSN
-Available in both rental and buy, SD or HD
-$1.99 per TV episode, $9.99-$14.99 movie purchases
-Same price as a disc-based release? Stupid!
-If downloaded on PS3, can be played on PSP
-Live demo of store
-This is unbearably boring to watch, just tell us it works on move on!
-seriously, PAINFUL
-Cloverfield $14.99 for SD purchase. HAH! Good luck selling that.
-Service will be available tonight…actually pretty impressive
-New titles each week

-PSP Slim caused sales to jump a lot
-13 million sold in North America, 35 million worldwide
-New PSP pack coming along with Madden Pack. Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters pack, 1 Gig stick, PSN Voucher for Echochrome, National Treasure 2 on UMD for $199.99

Resistance Retribution

-Battle for Europe
-Looks very nice graphically
-Explores the mystery of the Chimera a bit deeper
-3rd person action title
-Looks like Gears of War a bit
-Out in Spring 2009

PSP video montage

-Loco Roco 2, Patapon 2 (eff off, Fever Mode), Star Wars Force Unleashed, Madden 2009, NBA 09: The Inside, Super Stardust Portable, Lego Batman, Buzz Quiz Master, Valkyria Chronicles

PlayStation 3
-Google a partner with PS3
-Dedicated PS3 channel on YouTube
-Life With Playstion…news, weather, etc.

DC Universe Online
-Jim Lee out to demo the game
-3 years in development
-Create a character, help heroes or villains in classic situations
-Woah, characters models look great for the heroes
-Looks good, but the combat looks a little jittery (typical of MMOs)
-MMOs aren’t my thing, but this could be big

-80GB PS3 will be launced with same functionality of 40GB (read: No BC support) for $399.99

-Video montage of developer/publisher testimonials about PS3 and Blu-ray
-Most of them sound like they’re finally happy the PS3 architecture
-Happy about built-in hard drive
-Happy about storage space with Blu-ray
-Yadda, yadda, yadda

PS3 video montage

-Little Big Planet, Motorstorm: Pacific Drift, MGS 4, QUantum of Solace, SOCOM: Confrontation, Ghostbusters, Soul Calibur IV, Resistance 2, the Agency, Naruto: Storm, Mirror’s Edge, Resident Evil 5, Singstar, Guitar Hero: World Tour, NBA 09: The Inside, Buzz: Quiz TV, Killzone 2, Fallout 3

God of War III

-PS3 release (duh)
-Trailer shows pre-rendered stuff, no gameplay


-Save or destroy entire city
-Be a hero or anti-hero
-Looks like a much better Crackdown
-Spring 2009

MAG: Massive Action Game

-Huge online battles
-Supports battles of 256 players
-Only real players in the game
-Players will be broken into squads
-Character growth provide long-term goals
-Ongoing campaigns, even when you’re not playing (like Chromehounds)
-Despite the scale, it looks graphically strong
-Vehicles, soldiers are everywhere
-Tough to tell if this is all real-time footage seems to be a mix of real and pre-rendered
-Reinforcements air dropped as trailer closes out
-Squads are 8 players each

That’s the show! A better showing than we got from Nintendo, and arguably better than Microsoft as well. Check for reaction on the blog via our nightly podcasts.

Nintendo E3 press conference notes

Once again, a little sloppy. Sorry.

-Starts off with montage of very different gamer types
-Kids, adults, teens, the elderly play

Cammy (sp?) Dunaway VP of Sales and Marketing

-“We promise to keep you smiling…” CHEESY!
-This lady is definitely out there to appeal to moms and Nintendo’s “new audience” types
-This is nearly unbearable. She’s telling stories about her fall snowboarding last year.
-Shaun White is on stage to demo snowboarding with the Balance Board and totally hamming it up.
-Whatever game it is, it looks good
-Of course, it’s Shaun White’s Snowboarding by Ubisoft

Shaun White’s Snowboarding
-Shaun White gave lots of input in development such as look and feel
-Goofy mom figure steps on the a board next to Shaun
-I don’t know if this is pre-rendered, but she’s nailing some nice tricks in the half pipe…ok, not pre-rendered, she wipes out a few times
-Exlusively for Wii by year end

Satoru Iwata
-A true paradigm shift has taken place
-5 years ago in May 2003 was Iwata’s first E3
-Everybody had negative outlook on Nintendo’s future
-Agrees that view was common sense, even Nintendo couldn’t imagine that 5 years later that Nintendo would be on top and selling “bathroom scales” by the millions around the world
-Games like Nintendogs and Brain Age combined with games like Mario Kart and New Super Mario Bros. are causing the big change in the market
-Graphics aren’t always the answer (yeah, we know this stance all too well)
-Nintendo is dedicated to making impressive games from a technical standpoint…internal teams hard at work on those (confirmation of Mario and Zelda games on the way?)
-Small games and small budgets can be worldwide hits if they have good ideas backing them
-Intuitive interfaces attracting new games and expanding audience
-Seasonal nature of hardware sales is gone. No longer just a gift item.
-Nintendo selling hardware like every week is a holiday week
-Guitar Hero III selling best on Wii
-Takes a jab at those trying to “reproduce” what Nintendo has done
-Must find more ways to engage players and enrich games to grow enthusiasm
-Nintendo always challenges itself to be a pioneer in the industry

Katsuya Eguchi – Creator of Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: City Folk
-Curved world, like DS
-No required goals (as in the past)
-Players still rise and sleep while you aren’t playing
-City is new place to explore…separate from Town where you live
-You can put things up for sale in the city auction center
-Stores located in the city for customization
-Letters can be sent to PCs, cell phones, Wiis
-Microphone for the Wii, shows a group (4 players) talking while fishing together
-Still looks very similar to old Animal Crossing experience
-By the end of the year

Reggie Fils-Aime

-Nintendo is pleased, but not satisfied
-Wii over 10 million, DS over 20 million in North America alone
-Total DS worldwide sales will be over 100 million by the end of the fiscal year
-Pokemon over 180 million sales
-DS software 29% higher than last year, hardware 12% up
-After ads ran targetng females using celebs, software sales doubled on those featured titles
-Wii software sales are at a higher pace than 360 and PS3
-Wii library fastest growing of all 3 consoles

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

-Trailer showing players in lightsaber duels using Wii remote and nunchuck
-Force moves motion controlled
-Coming for the holidays

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party
-Balance Board + Wii Remote + Nunchuch
-Looks fun and silly, just like you’d expect

Call of Duty: World at War
-Graphically very strong for Wii
-Using Wii Zapper
-Co-op mode included
-“Coming Soon”

-Audience pretty underwhelmed…WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THESE GAMES

Back to Mommy to speak about DS releases
-DS appeal for females growing fast
-Guitar Hero: On Tour sold over 300k in first week, On Tour: Decades on the way

Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades
-Able to song share between other versions of the game

Spore Creatures
-DS version is unique and custom
-Missed a lot of the rest…

Pokemon Rangers: Shadows of (something or other)

-No info given

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
-DS this winter
-That’s it for info?!

-DS going to be used to improve air travel
-Currently being tested in airports

-DS to be used to check box scores, watch highlights, play trivia, order food, and more at Seattle Mariners baseball games

-Cooking Navi is an electronic cookbook in Japan
-English version coming in November
-Jeez, laying it on thick wit the moms, huh?

Back to Reggie
-Wii remote improvement through Wii MotionPlus
-Makes the Wii remote much more precise
-Successor to Wii Sports

Wii Sports: Resort
-Comes with MotionPlus and extended Wii remote jacket
-Wow, MotionPlus looks super accurate with Wii Sports: Resort
-Mommy throws a frisbee, her puppy doesn’t catch it
-Second try the puppy catches the frisbee…Reggie not impressed (jokingly)
-Reggie playing a Wave Race type of game using Remote and Nunchuck
-Mom and reggie getting ready to duel with swords
-Game understands any angle of slashing or blocking
-Reggie takes down mommy in first round
-Reggie loses round 2
-Launches next Spring

Wii Music
-Starts off with a guy showing drumming
-Uses balance board for bass drum and hi-hat, Wii remote and nunchuck for the rest
-Shigeru Miyamoto using Wii remote to play a sax instrument, buttons like valves
-Shiggy on sax, funny looking second dude on the drums…they’re playing a jazzy song
-Was in development while in finalization of plans for Wii
-Music transcends age and gender
-Different than most music games
-Wii Music allows everybody to perform, rather than just try to hit buttons quickly
-Wii Music lets you create music through movement
-Ok, this looks insanely simple to play…maybe too simple?
-Over 50 different intsruments
-You control tempo, but the game controls the tone
-Amount of motion controls volume
-Other game types including (conductor, record videos, etc.)
-Showing 4 players (Nintendo execs) choosing from 6 parts
-All 4 perform Super Mario Bros. theme w/ drummer dude in the background
-It looks fun, but everybody looks like a giant tool doing it…except Shiggy of course, he’s the muthaflippin’

Reggie and Mommy
-Recapping the show
-Is this it? C’mon Nintendo, at least one more game!
-Looks like they’re playing it safe with the casual crowd
-Reggie saying that you can’t call the Wii a fad anymore

That’s it. Underwhelming, for sure, and the crowd looks confused. Yes, it looked like they were having fun out there, and I’m sure there are more games coming, but the spotlight was given to some pretty tame stuff. The mainstream news is going to be all giddy about what Nintendo has in store, long time fans didn’t get any Mario, Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero, Fire Emblem, or any other big franchise outside of Animal Crossing.

Stupid Gamer Podcast #19: E3 reaction – Microsoft

Here’s my reaction to the first day of E3 and Microsoft’s press conference. I’m flying solo, so sorry you have to put up with my stupid voice the whole time. Yes, I still pop a few Ps, but hopefully my background music makes that a little less noticeable. Enjoy, and send feedback to jar155 [at] gmail dot com!


Since upgrading my WordPress version, the player has been kinda wonky. Your best bet is to click on the download button, which will play it right in your browser (or right click to save). You can also catch the feed through RSS, like most of our listeners have in the past.