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We often give away games and prizes on our podcast and forums, but we’ve started giving out stuff on our Facebook page as well. So why do we do this? Well, we appreciate the support you guys give us by listening to our show, posting in our forums, reading the blog, and most of all, clicking on our ads. We don’t keep our ad money, it’s usually used to fund these contests, pay for our hosting, or buy equipment for our shows and video productions.

Right now we have a contest going on to win a free copy of Super Mario All Stars for the Wii. All you need to do is post which is your favorite Mario game and you’re entered. The contest closes on Sunday, March 27, and our winner will be notified on Monday. Soon after we’ll have a contest for Alan Wake, and all you need to do to be entered into that one is just like our Facebook page.

Also, keep an eye on the forums for more contests and listen to the podcast. Below are some helpful links to get into the contests.

Win more free stuff! $25 and $10 Amazon gift cards

A couple of weeks ago a contest wrapped up that gave one of the blog readers a 500 Nintendo points card. Now I’m running a couple of new contests over at the Gamer Theory Forums. Each contest is extremely simple and takes just a few seconds to enter. With $70 in Amazon gift cards (2 $25 and 2 $10 cards) up for grabs, it’s worth your time to check out the forums and get yourself entered.

Link to contest details:

Last day to win the Nintendo Points card is today

Today is the last day to win the 500 Nintendo points card is today. You simply need to make a comment on the blog…on any article. I’m taking all the comments made, assigning each one a number, running them through a randomizer, and selecting a winner. Future contests will follow, but this is the final day to get in on this one.

Good luck!

Win a 500 points Nintendo card

I’m giving away a 500 points Nintendo card, and all you need to do to enter is to comment on the blog. Starting this week, comment on any posts (after this one) and I’ll randomly pick a winner. Please don’t post spam comments, as those won’t be eligible. More contests will follow this one soon.

Thanks for reading the blog.

We have a winner!

We have a winner in the recent free game giveaway contest! After voting was tallied up, it came down to a 1 vote difference. Because of the nice work that each of the three finalists provided, I’m actually making sure that each of the three gets some sort of prize. First place still wins a free game of choice, but prizes for 2nd and 3rd haven’t been decided upon yet.

Our overall winner will be announced pending notification and acceptance. Check back late Monday or early Tuesday for the final results.

Stupid Gamer Free Game Contest Entry Finalists

Sound the trumpets, because here are your finalists after the first round of voting. I’m going to put these before a vote once more, and I’ve decided to allow you guys to chime in as well. You can cast your vote by either leaving a comment, or you can email it to me at jar155 [at] gmail dot com. The entry that receives the most reader votes will receive an extra vote in the final round of voting. So, here are the entries.

Finalist #1

Entry 1

Entry 1b (variation)

Finalist #2

Entry 18

Finalist #3

Entry 29 (Note: Opens a Flash file. Once open, click on the banner and then you can move the Pac-Man around using your arrow keys)

So there you go. Vote if you have a preference, and good luck to three finalists. Winners will be announced before the end of the week.

Contest: Free game from!

Here at The Stupid Gamer we’ve given away several games, some gift cards, and even some really crappy gaming-related swag. Well, it’s time to dig into our pockets once more and give back to our faithful readers (yeah, even the ones that call me a ******* ***** in the post comments). So how do you go about getting this game? It’s easy. All you need to do is submit a design for the new header. We’ll pick our favorite, use it for a while (unless it totally sucks), and we’ll ridicule the crappy ones! Below are the details:

Submission Details

  • Image must be exactly 670 x 200 pixels
  • Image must be submitted in either .psd, .ai, .jpg, or .bmp formats
  • Try to fit in the existing color scheme, but feel free to be creative
  • Feel free to use popular gaming characters
  • No nudity, foul language, or otherwise disturbing content
  • All images must be submitted by June 7th
  • Multiple entries are ok
  • All entries must be emailed to me at jar155 [at] and put “New Header Contest Entry” as the subject

Prize Details

  • Winner may choose any game, $60 or under that will be shipped directly to the winner’s address
  • Prize will be shipped out the day after a winner is chosen
  • Winner can take more than one game as long as the total price does not exceed $60 (for example, two DS games might qualify or a couple of used titles)
  • Once prize(s) has shipped, decisions are final
  • Winner must accept prize in product, no cash or gift cards offered

Sound pretty easy? It is! If you need inspiration, check out what I spent the better part of my afternoon and evening on. You’ll have some competition, because mine is looking HOT! To see it at full size, drag and drop it to your address bar.

Awesome banner

Contest Winner!

Ok, so in the coming lines I’m going to announce the winner of our Fire Emblem giveaway. The winner has two days (counting today) to shoot me an email to claim their prize. Oh, and don’t try to be sly and claim another commenter’s prize, because that’s not cool and I can tell who is who anyway.

So, claim your prize by emailing me at jar155 [at] gmail dot com.

Contest Winner:  feelinblu

If I don’t hear from feelinblu by tomorrow evening, a new winner will be drawn.

Contest: Win a Fire Emblem title of your choice

The rules to this little contest are easy. Simply post a comment below and say what you want us to suck less at with the site and we’ll toss all the names in a hat (a top hat, actually) and draw one name to be our lucky winner. The winner will get to choose any of the Fire Emblem titles available in North America.


Now, if for some wild and crazy reason you don’t want Fire Emblem, we’ll also be willing to give out $50 in cash or a gift card (to Amazon) in lieu of the game. I guess it’s entirely possible that you might already own every Fire Emblem, but that should be your only excuse for taking the cash.