YouTuber spends 35 minutes eviscerating Bungie, Destiny, and their DLC model…and I agree with him

A few points in the video below seem a little bit of a stretch, but by in large YouTube game critic, BDobbins, is right on with his criticisms of Destiny. When playing the game, it’s obvious that content as been held back, pared down, and outright omitted from what Bungie was originally going to deliver. If nothing else, Bungie fell short of the promises they made for Destiny, and BDobbins highlights several things that show us that we were sold something far less substantial than we paid for.


I want a new forge mode that will one up Far Cry.*PC Based ForgeXbox Controller compatibility and recedud graphics to make run smoother on more systems.*Polygon ForgingCreate 2D surfaces like you would with a kill barrier. Choose from a Tekken style color interface, or a material like concrete; wood; light; or water, or an imported image. Or create 3D surfaces like cylinders and boxes. When creating a 3D object, allow textures for individual polygons. This would allow someone to make a light from a box. This would be used primarily for urban environments.*Terrain EditingCreate your own forge world for the polygon mapping if needed.*WeatherChoose the weather and time of day. Bring back the rain from Reach to prevent it form going through structures.*Minor Graphical ControlChoose between pixel shaders or probe shaders and choose the intensity of different FX.*Water PlacementThis would piggy back of the polygon mapping, but you would have the choice of the physics: none, graphical, physical.*Port All Aesthetic Objects From Previous Halo TitlesThis would also include aesthetics from the campaigns of Halo 3, ODST, and REACH for traditional forge editing. It should also include new stuff like tables and what not.New and Returning VehiclesInclude new vehicles like the Pelican, Phantom, and Falcon with no passenger weapons and have the nose mounted chain gun.This software could be made to have compatibility to future Halo titles as well.When finished, save it as a file and upload it to your file share through and then download to your Xbox to play.It may not be developed for Halo 5, but it should be someday. It would attract a whole new fanbase, and it’s really the only to satisfy forgers. It would guarantee Halo’s number one spot for years!!!

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