Nintendo Wii price drop on May 15th, new bundle

On May 15th Nintendo will drop the official price of the Nintendo Wii to $150 and will be changing up the bundle a bit. Rather than receiving Wii Sports, new Wii owners will get a copy of Mario Kart and a Wii Wheel. To me that’s a better value as Wii Sports can be had for cheap and if anybody had any passing interest in it at this point, they probably already have tried it out.

For many consoles, the $150 and $99 price points are the magic triggers that cause a flurry of sales to pick up. We’ll have to see if this stirs up a new buying audience for the Wii or if saturation will continue to be an issue. The biggest problem right now is that there’s no big game out to coincide with the new price, but $150 is still a great deal for a console and a game.

If you haven’t picked up a Wii yet, it’s definitely time. Get one and get playing some of the gems in the library. Heck, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are worth the $150 console price tag by themselves…


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