New Project Cafe rumors make me nervous

Recently Nintendo gave official confirmation regarding the development of their next console, which is to be unveiled at E3 2011 next month. The code name for the console at this point is Project Cafe, which will almost certainly not be the final name for the console. Ever since the first rumors hit the Internet, speculation has been running wild over what the console would bring to the table. Some sources say that it’s significantly more powerful than the 360 and PS3, others say it’s about on par. Some say it has a 6″ touch screen on the controller, others say that’s crazy talk. Either way, some rumors seem to be gaining momentum, and the newest round points to some quirky decisions being made.

According to Stephen Totilo, here are the newest batch of rumors that he’s pulled together; and he seems confident that they are indeed legitimate.

  • No internal hard drive
  • 8GB flash-based memory, possibly for game storage
  • Disc format that holds 25GB storage (possibly single-layer blu-ray)
  • Support for SD cards
  • Possibly 1080i maximum resolution
  • The console can stream to the controller screen for portable play
  • Wii Remotes definitely work with new console

I like the streaming to the screen for portable play, that sounds nice. It’s also really cool that the Wii Remotes will still work with the console, but the first few items worry me. Without a larger storage solution, downloadable content will be somewhat limited or else gamers will always be having to swap in SD cards. The disc storage might point to blu-ray, which would be nice, but it would be a real shame if they don’t support multi-layered discs. Finally, the possibility that the console won’t do 1080p would be near inexcusable. While 1080i still looks nice, there’s no reason not to support full 1080p with a console that’s aimed for a 2012 release.

It’s starting to feel like some of the earlier rumors about Nintendo putting out a powerhouse console are starting to be replaced by Nintendo putting out a console that’s going to be more in line with the 360 and PS3. While that’s a huge leap up from the Wii, it would be the same story again once the PS3 and 360 successors release and Nintendo’s console is once again a generation behind.

Graphics aren’t the issue here, either. The issue is that if Nintendo’s console can’t keep up from a hardware standpoint, the library will suffer. The fact that 3rd parties have been speaking highly of Project Cafe makes me think that Nintendo has a good idea on their hands, but I’m really hoping that it’s not going to be a generation behind again.


Rumors state that it’s full 1080p  And nintendo supposedly has a solution for any and all downloadable content.  They have assured 3rd parties of that fact.  Whether it’s an external hard drive, or if they have some kind of nintendo super server that can hold data online is yet to be determined. 

The graphics will be fine as the specs are stated to be significantly more powerful than PS3.  Much more powerful.  Only the razor edge videogames cannot be run on PS3 at maximum settings (Crysis 2) But the new Nintendo will be able to run it at higher settings.  It’s not a $2,000-$3,000 pc, but no console is.  Graphics will not change drastically in 2-4 years.  Anything Sony or Microsoft release in that time frame will be marginally better than the Nintendo console.  If the Nintendo is weaker than the PS4 for instance, it will be the same difference between 360 and PS3.  Not to mention if this console shows up a year or 2 before the other consoles, it will have a price drop when they come around, and have identical looking games.

The price is rumored to max out at $399.  A far cry from the $599 from PS3.  On par with what the 360 launched at.  It could be lower, closer to the 360 core price, but most likely not.  Probably due to controller technology, which is to be a mover and shaker.  Backwards compatability with Wii is proven.. gamecube backwards compatability is questionable.  HD upscaling of Wii/Gamecube games is unknown, but probable. 

Not sure if you feel the same now as you did when you wrote this but a little research, and grains of salt with rumors, can steer you in the right direction.

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