I can’t heard Brad on this podcast. Maybe its my work machine, but I also tried it on my Android and I still couldn’t hear him.

Jeff Rivera

Odd, I can hear him fine. Are you listening with earphones and only using one of them? You might only be getting one of the two channels if so. Usually I down mix them to one channel, but didn’t do it this time. I can replace the file tonight if it’s an issue.


Nintendo is shit!! every new console they release i hear the same shit.. “oh they are finally taking hardcore gamers seriously!! BAHAHAHAAHAH!! they are shit!! they always will be sit.. cause they are old fuckin’ farts!! this new system will be underpowered and it will be the same bullshit that N64 thru Wii did.. nothing more!!

Jeff Rivera

You think so, huh? The GameCube was a really competent system. It had an oddball controller, but it was comfortable. Had that yellow C-stick been a standard analog stick it would have solved a lot of issues for the console, but it was a really powerful system. The N64 was no slouch, and it introduced analog sticks, rumble backs, Z-targeting systems, the trigger button, and expandable RAM. It was a very innovative system, but the cartridge format held it back.

If there’s no big stumbling block, such as an oddball controller or disc format, there’s no reason to think that the system will be unable to appease hardcore gamers.


OK Jeff,
but you tell me why hasnt there been any Street Fighter games on nintendo’s Main home consoles since SNES??

why has there hardly been any of the IMPORTANT third party games on the main nintendo consoles we see on the Playstation and Xbox consoles ?? ((grand theft auto, Tekken, etc))

the Wii may have market dominance but its still a sucky system.. there are only a handful of games that are actually something worth playing. Also, most gamers that own a wii also own a ps3 or 360 which is their MAIN console while the wii goes thru its many game release droughts that plagued every Main Nintendo console since N64))

why arent nintendo consoles well balanced when it comes to game franchise offerings?? why the first party overkills?? the reason is because Big N has a loooong history of being assholes which they still havent quite seen fit to change. nintendo doesnt care about hardcore gamers and they never will. the only system i own of nintendo’s is the NDS which is a wonderful handheld

oh, and how is Xboxlive Gold crappy..?? granted, i have no allegiance to microsoft or sony.. and i agree that no one should have to pay for online gaming.. but as far as a home console online service, other than paying a yearly fee, how is it crappy?? one of you guys said it was crappy on the podcast.. and i want some details.. and please be succinct

Jeff Rivera

I don’t believe that XBL is crappy. Brad is a big, big fan of Steam, so he’s comparing value between the two there. I can see in that aspect where XBL falls short in some regards, but there’s lots of added value with Live that I’m fine paying for. I wasn’t happy with the price increase, because they never gave us anything new aside from a higher charge, but I think Live is an awesome service overall. Brad can answer for himself, but I think the root of his complaints is that he doesn’t like paying for p2p play.

As for Nintendo’s 3rd party woes, it goes back to oddball control schemes. The GameCube had tons of buzz for it leading up to release, but who wanted to play a fighter (aside from Soul Calibur 2) on that controller? It was designed with 1st party games in mind, and it was ultimately a mistake. The N64 suffered due to the more costly cartridge format. The Wii is just underpowered. I don’t think Nintendo’s attitude toward 3rd parties is an issue anymore, as the DS/3DS has overwhelming 3rd party support. Developers and publishers will flock to what’s easiest for them. Look at the PSP, it’s a disaster because UMD was a terrible format for handheld gaming and the PSP also has some security issues. If the NGP puts things right, developers will come back.

Nintendo can get right back into the mix if they offer a standard control option out of the box, but they REALLY need to do it this time. They can’t make a standard control scheme an option you have to buy into, like the Classic Controller. By not making it come with the system, developers can only make classic controls an option, not the focus of development since not all Wii owners have the extra controllers. Nintendo needs to recognize this or else it’ll be a lost cause with 3rd parties again.

I’m not saying that this next console will be a guaranteed hit, but I do feel that developers would be happy to have a 3rd place to publish their titles if the process isn’t difficult, like it is to port down to the Wii and its control schemes. Brad seems 100% confident that it’s going to be the top dog next generation, and while Nintendo has the momentum and swagger right now, they need to be careful about not alienated hardcore gamers further. Everybody jumped from PS2 to 360, so I don’t think manufacturer bias is so strong that it predetermines the console war.


i understand where youre coming from jeff.. you seem to be alot more level headed than brad..He’s in denial.. nintendo aint never gonna do things right on the level of Sony or microsoft.

and handhelds dont really count as the issue here when it comes to third party support, cause nintendo has never really had any quality issues with their handhelds.. if only their home consoles were as well balanced as their handhelds, then i wouldnt have to rag on em.

the problem i have with nintendo is that every new console generation, you have people like brad as well as third party devs saying “oh, THIS TIME nintendo looks like theyre gonna get their act together and finally give the hardcore gamers what they want, they are gonna do right by gamers as a THIS GENERATION!!!”… every year this is the statement and EVERY YEAR they dont deliver.. and then you got got nintentrolls like Brad mindlessly defending them. even the third party devs realize it!! capcom totally regrets putting games like mad world and no more heroes on the Wii instead of the 360 and ps3..

i mean, if you like nintendo, FINE..but dont act like they are giving us the sun and the moon, doin great things and lookin out for us.. cause they aint.. microsoft and sony are giving us gamers far more than nintendo is.

i can buy Portal 2 and the new Mortal Kombat on Ps3 or 360 ..but not the Wii.. and if a console maker really cared about gamers they’d make a system that gives us all the Third Party options..

nintendo’s problem is they are so majorly butthurt about piracy!! they make these odd ball format choices and control schemes and call it innovation when it is really just proprietary greed and a veiled in-vain attempt at trying to keep the pirates out. they cant stand to use DVD or standard formats…and its in EVERYTHING they do!!

friend codes anyone..??

Jeff Rivera

Good points all around. Nintendo’s well of good will is probably running near empty with many gamers. I do think they can win people back, but they have a lot of amends to make in how they handle the control scheme, how their online system works, and what storage format they use. If they’re not the oddball this next generation, I do think they’ll be fine.

A lot of it has to do with how Japanese Nintendo is. Sony is also a Japanese company, but they’re far more Westernized and have a more modern culture. Nintendo needs to find some of that while hopefully being able to hold onto their soulful charm.

But yes, all your points are valid and strong. Nintendo has a lot to prove.


thanx jeff.. good comment chattin wit ya bro.
and your nintendo points made sense held weight as well.. i do hope they change their ways for the better


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