The End of the Game Over Screen?

At this year’s GDC there was lots of talk about it possibly being time to do away with the game over screen in games and to find new ways to deal with failure states in video games. Some argued that the game over screen was nothing more than a relic from the arcade era when the game was needing to demand more quarters from the player. Since early console games were either ports of arcade games or versions of the games already out in arcades, many of the conventions found in arcade gaming made the leap to consoles.

In our upcoming podcast we’re going to be discussing failure states in current games and whether or not the game over screen is necessary. We’re hoping for extra input from our readers and Gamer Theory forum users. If you want to comment on the issue, please visit the Gamer Theory Forums and chime in.

Link to the Gamer Theory Forums discussion thread: The Gamer Theory Forums – The end of Game Over?