New Xbox 360 coming…packed with some stupid decisions

What is this? Everybody knows that the d-pad on the 360 has been terrible since day one, and it’s nice that they’re finally doing something about it (only took 5 years, congrats engineering team!), but why do they have to dumb up the rest of the controller? Take a look at the video and I’ll whine after.

So this thing is going to cost $65 because the morons at Microsoft feel like they’re only offering the controller packed in with the play and charge kit. Why do I need another one of those? I don’t. This is another lame cash grab by Microsoft. Why would they remove the face button colors? Sure, it looks kind of neat, but the button colors no longer line up with in game prompts. That’s stupid. Why can’t they implement the new d-pad into all of their controllers? Why not make that the default design going forward? This doesn’t make any logical sense.

Ugh, after the price increase on Xbox Live and now this, I really have to wonder what kind of monkeys they have making the decisions over at Microsoft’s Xbox division.


All I want is a PS3-shaped controller with the left analog stick and the D-pad switched (a la the 360). Oh, and the left and right triggers should be PS-ish as well, but with a touch more resistance so the buttons don’t get pressed when you set the controller down on the couch.

Xbox 360 Gamer

I agree with you the new Controller is kind of expensive, and the removal of the colors from the buttons id not a very good decision by MS.

I like the old controller more.

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