Yep, PC gaming is still pretty awful

Man, what a letdown today has been in regards to gaming. StarCraft 2 showed up in all of it’s collector’s edition glory today and I couldn’t have possibly been more excited to play. As it turns out, this game is still a PC game. Right from the get go I had issues. While installing the game I got an error at 94%, and I had to restart the installation process. After getting the game installed, I was informed that I needed to update my video card drivers to avoid less than perfect performance. I download the drivers, install them, restart my computer, and fire up the game once more. I decide to start a new campaign. As soon as that new campaign is nearly loaded, the game crashes and I’m asked to submit a bug report to Blizzard. After doing that I go and finally get into the single player campaign and play the first mission. I check my options, and the game recommends I run everything at Ultra settings (so it’s DEFINITELY not an issue of my computer being underpowered). After finishing the mission I click continue to move onto the second, when the game crashes again and once more I’m filling out a bug repair to send to Blizzard. Lovely. After that I try to restart the game, and I’m told that my installation is corrupt and that I need to run the repair utility.


I saw more of the image below and the install screen than I did anything else on day 1. PC gamers love to talk about the superiority of the platform, but holy jeez I won’t ever fault anybody who refuses to play on anything but a console when there are issues all over the place. It’s not like Blizzard didn’t have the last decade to get this thing right…

So yeah, PC gaming is a terrible thing. It’s too bad, because there’s a lot of awesome stuff on the PC, but once you venture beyond the friendly confines of Steam, it gets real sketchy real fast.


sorry buddy…it works awesomely for me…..
guess you had better stick to ur couch and console and leave it to the purists


I’ve never had a problem like that with PC gaming and I game almost exclusively on the PC. I think your computer knows you’re afraid of it and is taking advantage.

Jeff Rivera

I’m not afraid of PC gaming. I can deal with these issues, but your average joe casual gamer would have thrown his hands up and returned the game to the store (oh wait…you can’t return PC games anymore, right?) well before getting things ironed out. The point is that PC games are rarely released in their finished form. The first 2-3 weeks are always public bug tests. I can’t remember the last PC game I bought that I didn’t have to install a patch (including SC2) before playing it the first time. The no closed box development environment really makes for headaches and issues that are far too common.

That’s why I say I’d never blame anybody for refusing to play things on PC. I built this computer solely to play more PC games, but man, there’s always something with PC gaming that you just don’t ever have to deal with on a console or handheld.

Many gamers are having issues, and many sites are running stories on those bugs, but the blame is aimed at Activision for it. Even if Activision pressured Blizzard into getting the game out sooner than planned, I think Blizzard still had plenty of time to work on the kinks.


The last two PC games I purchased were Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 and both worked just fine out of the box. No patching or anything. Not sure if it’s because of the developer or the fact that they are single player games or just random luck.

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