PSA: Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is out this weekend

One of my favorite demos from E3 2009 was Treasure’s Sin & Punishment: Star Successor for the Nintendo Wii. Always a fan of shooters and high action games, Star Successor delivered both in spades. The demo was just a single level, and you could choose either of the two playable characters (each with their own different styles of play). The game will make use of online leaderboards, a great stat tracking system, and will offer tons of replay value for those that look to aim for perfection.

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is out on Sunday at retail, so shipments should be arriving by mail Monday or Tuesday. With all the big games that were recently released and with the ones coming up, I really hope Star Successor doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. For people who complain that there aren’t enough hardcore experiences on the Wii, they need to take a look at this game. It really doesn’t get much more hardcore than this.

This would make a great Under the Radar game…

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