Some podcast statistics

A few people have emailed me and asked me why we bother doing the podcast. They can see that we have no sponsors, our audio quality is well behind our contemporaries, and we’re sporadic with our releases. Well, the answer is simple…people are listening to them!

Next episode is going to be episode 40, so I figured I’d dig around and see what kind of history we’ve had. For any interested, here are some statistics.

  • Average Listeners Per Show: ?243.4
  • Most Downloaded Episode: Episode #25 – Used for a Small Discount
  • Least Downloaded Episode: Episode #28 – PS3 the “next” GameCube?
  • Number of Subscribers (iTunes/RSS): 97
  • Average Show Length: 44 minutes 12 seconds

So if we can get three more subscribers (tell your mom!) we’ll hit 100. I guess that would be cool or something. But seriously, thanks for listening and for the emails of both support and criticism. I will get back to reading them on the show as several of them have been really good and insightful.


I’ve been slowly getting into podcasts in general, although I still prefer reading articles. One of your recent podcasts, which was about glitching, was pretty good. This latest one wasn’t bad, either.

You need to keeping up with your “Top Ten Games for Every Platform That Matters” lists. SURELY Elebits isn’t one of your favorite Wii games, nor should Devil May Cry 4 be a top PS3 game.

In any case, keep on keeping on!


I am listening to episode 39! Thanks for no Lost spoilers-I’m in season 4.

I think that Brad’s stance on the men in suits fiasco is a little conspiracy theoryish. It is common to have security on hand during these types of events for the protection of employees. Companies are legally responsible for the well-being of their employees and if someone started shooting up the office when they heard what happened-the company would be responsible. The men in suits was an insurance policy. I do not believe it was Activision’s version of “whipping it out” i.e. corporate politics.

I have witnessed first-hand a large company firing employees when it’s in their best interest. If they need you to go-they will find a reason to get rid of you. That’s corporate politics and it is unethical. Maybe that’s what happened. Will we ever know?

I think the Move could be cool. It probably won’t be utilized for big games. But if it were-remember-it doesn’t use half the processor’s resources like Natal. No more Heroes 3, SH Shattered Memories 2. I could see this on PS3.