Good podcast! Speaking of how cool it used to be to find glitches in old games, remember the Game Genie for the NES? It was notorious for allowing players to beat games easily, but it was also good for making cool little glitches, like moon walking in Super Mario.

The Uncharted 2 online multiplayer glitches are irritating. They’re the ones where you can hide in the wall and have a clear view of everyone on the map, making for easy pickings. People don’t exploit these glitches too often, and those people that do usually have horrible aim, but it still makes me shout at the TV screen when I’m getting hit and don’t know where the bullets are coming from. There’s about half a dozen of these or so, and thankfully some of them have been patched. There are still a couple though that will hopefully get fixed soon.

I’m also playing Infamous and Dragon Age on the ps3 right now. Both games have tons of minor little glitches, such as jumping through walls or getting stuck in a corner, but none of them ruin the games.

Jeff Rivera

I used the Game Genie to alter Street Fighter II in a way that made it that if you hit someone with a fireball you would transport right up to them and you could combo it into another attack. It also worked if they blocked it, and you could quickly throw them. It basically made Ryu, Ken, Guile, and Dhalsim invincible.

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