Garnett Lee leaves 1up for Gamefly, Inc.

This is certainly good news for Garnett, but it’s horrible news for fans of 1up and the 1up podcast, Listen Up. Garnett Lee has accepted a new position with Gamefly, Inc. where he’ll act as editorial director for their gaming sites, including Shacknews. David Ellis announced on Twitter that the Listen Up crew will do one more show together and then Garnett will make his move over to the new job.

With John Davison’s What They Play being sold to IGN recently, his status with the podcast is also up in the air. The show has survived key members leaving before, but Garnett was the man that ran the show and made it what it was. Maybe 1up can woo John back now that he’s become a free man again, huh? Most likely the show will continue on, but it’s certainly not going to be the same.

Good luck Garnett.


Wow. I heard it here first. Listen up is where I go to get my news as an alternative to major game websites. What I love most is love Garnett’s fairness and optimism. He’s not snarky. When the next version of the show settles into it’s new way. It will be one of those things that people will not be able to put their finger on, but everyone will wonder why the show isn’t as good anymore. It’s the fairness and optimism thing. If games media would stop talking like no-nonsense hedgehogs from the 90’s the world would be a better place. That would mark the transistion from enthusiast press to respected news source. Well, times must change. Good luck Garnett! Gamefly, here I come.

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