Wal*Mart starts doing used game trade-ins

Have you seen those Redbox DVD rental machines all over the place? Well, it looks like Wal*Mart is starting to use similar machines in order to accept used games from gamers. NeoCrisis has the earliest details and firsthand experience, so check out the link to see what he thought. It seems that the experience was a bit glitchy, but I’m sure with time all the wrinkles will get ironed out.

Wal*Mart is huge. If this program works for them and they roll it out in all their stores, it’s going to have a huge impact on the second-hand games industry. Gamestop can’t be very happy about this, and publishers who are trying hard to kill used games sales have to be facing some sleepless nights. It’s not like publishers could really pressure Wal*Mart into giving up their used game sales, because publishers absolutely need the sales volume that Wal*Mart provides them. This is a case where if the program is successful, developers and publishers are basically just going to have to grin and bear it.

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