IGN’s early E3 predictions

These just hit my inbox, straight from IGN, so I figured I’d pass them along. IGN has put out some early E3 predictions for E3. They aren’t very in-depth, but obviously they want you to visit their site to see those as they roll them out leading up to the show. I’ll make my preditions later, so for now, enjoy what IGN has to offer.

  • Sony: Chris Roper, Editor-in-Chief, IGN PlayStation Team, predicts that Sony will announce a new version of the PlayStation Portable. The announcement of a price drop for the Sony PS3 console is also expected. 
  • Microsoft: IGN Xbox Team Editor-in-Chief Hilary Goldstein predicts that Microsoft will finally pull back the curtain and reveal the long-awaited blockbuster, Alan Wake, while also unveiling a new motion sensor camera that will revolutionize the way videogame cameras are used.  
  • Nintendo:  Matt Casamassina, Editor-in-Chief, IGN Nintendo Team, expects the success of the Wii to be an overriding theme and predicts announcements of classic game downloads for the DSi, as well as new Mario, Pikmin and Zelda adventures.