Pour one out for 3D Realms and Duke Nukem Forever

So last week it was announced that 3D Realms, the loooooooooong time developer of Duke Nukem Forever had finally ran out of cash and financial support and their projects had been canned. Duke Nukem Forever had been in development for twelve, yes TWELVE straight years, and that was easily the most notable title to get the axe. With the cancellation of the game, many screenshots and even some gameplay footage has been released by individual members of the development team. The game looked pretty good, but still far from finished. Anyway, as I was digging around in a few forums, I found a post on the Kombo.com General Gaming Discussion forum that gave some stats about the DNF development time. Check ’em out:

Duke nukem forever was announced in 1997. Their was a list a few years back about 1997 and what happened since the game was announced.

In 1997, the fastest consumer internet connection was a 33.6 kbps modem.

When Duke Nukem Forever was announced, the fastest processor available to consumers was a 233Mhz Pentium. 

Steve Jobs was still running NeXT when Duke Nukem Forever was announced.

In April of 1997, Google, eBay, and the term “weblog” didn’t exist.

Movies that were made during development

  • The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, with extended editions.
  • All three Star Wars prequels.
  • Every Pixar movie aside from Toy Story.
  • Every movie, animation, and video game from The Matrix series.
  • Every Marvel comics movie released.
  • Each predictable twist ending of every movie by M. Night Shyamalan.

Britney Spears’ entire musical career as a pop star has taken place during Duke Nukem Forever’s development.

The entire cult following of Family Guy! Family Guy has debuted on FOX, been cancelled, entered syndication, been released on DVD, redebuted on FOX, and seen the release of a feature film.

The entire Harry Potter series as well as five movies.

The two Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity were proposed, authorized, announced, designed, launched and successfully landed upon Mars

The International Space Station was assembled and has been orbiting Earth for over 8 years.

The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan (the largest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the world) was in contract, built, launched, comissioned, and began active duty.

Things that took less time than DNF

  • The Beatles formed, released every single one of their albums and broke up. During this time they also toured the world several times.
  • The United States’ entire program to put a man on the moon, from Kennedy’s challenge to the landing.
  • The complete construction of many monumental buildings and engineering projects. To name a few-
  • The Empire State Building (Jan 1930 – May 1931)
  • The Channel Tunnel (Dec 1987 – May 1994)
  • The Golden Gate Bridge (Jan 1933 – May 1937)
  • The World Trade Center (Aug 1966 – April 1973
  • The American War for Independence
  • The United States Civil War
  • World War I
  • The United State’s involvement in the Vietnam War.
  • World War II and the entire Manhattan Project. Yes, even the complete development of the atomic bomb took less time.

So, In all honesty, I’m kind of sad about this. Duke Nukem Forever was that joke you could always rely on. I’m going to miss it.


I wish they hadn’t canceled it, but instead passed it off to Blizzard so they could post screenshots of its development every year on April 1st.


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