Three new Madden 10 screens

Every year I get hopeful for Madden, and every year I feel a little deflated by the product. But hey, this year they’re showing off my favorite team in the new screens, so it’s about time I start getting suckered in. As long as they refrain from images of that evil team out in Foxboro, the love fest I’m currently having with Madden 10 can continue.




Look at Ronnie Brown running that Wildcat offense. It’s a thing of outright beauty! I really hope that the Wildcat works well in Madden 10. I mean, I want it to be effective, but not so overpowered and broken that it becomes taboo to use online. I imagine it can’t be the easiest thing to integrate into an NFL game, as it’s a pretty strange twist. I also hope that Tom Brady’s terribly unhealed knee is accurately represented in the game.


Tom Brady is going to be rated 100/100 and the Wildcat Offense is just a cheezy name for that direct snap to a running back that college teams have been doing for years.


We’re not afraid to take talent where we can find it. And as far as stealing the Wildcat formation from you, well, what did you think Belichick was filming all these years?


Man what to say about that…….. Other than I may buy Madden again for the first time since the 05 version.


What do you mean you “hope that Tom Brady‚Äôs terribly unhealed knee is accurately represented in the game.”???

He is supposed to be 100% by the time the season begins. Of course, his injury rating should go down a bit, but what else do you expect?

Do you think his overall rating should go down? How he performs upon his return is anybody’s guess. Personally, I don’t think he will miss a beat.

What I hope to see is Father Time having a more realistic effect on aging players in franchise mode. I haven’t played my franchise in a long time, but I have a 40-year-old Peyton who is still a 99 overall.