DSi sells over 435,000 in the US in one week

The opening week sales for the DSi in the United States were strong, according to Nintendo. The numbers released by Nintendo point to the DSi selling nearly half a million units in its first day on the shelves. It would be surprising if the handheld could push 1 million units in its first month, but it’s already looking like the DSi is popular with early adopters. We’ll discuss the DSi, it’s early sales figures, and its new features on this week’s episode of The Stupid Gamer Podcast, so try and find a way to contain your excitement.


I personally hope that N tries to revitalize the Wii with Motion Plus. I don’t think the system is anywhere near realizing its potential-and N typically releases an upgrade when sales begin to slump(which in Japan is happening on a much bigger scale). They did this successfully with all Gameboys and the DS. If they release a new and improved Wii. The focus could shift away from its original potential.


Case in point: Remember when N said that we are playing 3D games with 2D controllers? They said the Wii remote was the evolution of control into 3D. Now look at how few games run with that philosophy. We need to get there before we move on and with Wii Motion Plus-it may be possible.

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