Rock Band Beatles Limited Edition is $250

Yes, for the limited edition of Rock Band Beatles, you will be paying as much as it costs to get a brand new console. The package sounds cool, but there’s no way that the majority of people out there are going to opt for this version of the game. Either way, here’s what you get in the package:

  • The Beatles: Rock Band software
  • H√∂fner Bass controller
  • The Beatles branded Rock Band drums
  • Microphone and Microphone Stand
  • and additional special content

Man, for that price I would half expect Paul McCartney to be working that bass and singing backup while you’re playing any of the other instruments. I don’t know what the “additional special content” is, but I swear I’m going to kick some nuts if it happens to be extra tracks that you can’t get otherwise. I’m really, really excited for this, but I better be able to get the full experience by just buying the disc version.

Oh yes, and Gamestop is already taking preorders for the game here: Rock Band Beatles Preorder