Video of my home arcade

Okay, so this is like the third time I’ve made a video of the arcade, but it’s made some significant changes since the last time. All in all, there are ten cabs in the room, and it looks like I just have enough room to squeeze in a Punch-Out!! when I find it. Check out the video below.

Yeah, so I’m a total geek and I have decided to dedicate a room in my house to a bunch of games that are older than most of my readers.

Note: You can see a higher quality version of this video by clicking on the HD button once you’ve started playing the video.


Really nice Arcade Room :)

A TRON cab is always delightful !!!
Great Mame cab as well but where is the CP artwork ? ^^


i know there evenly mcethad but in my opinion,the xbox is better it gets demos and exclusives 1 month before the ps3,1 MONTH,and u dont have to wait so long for it to load thats the problem with the ps3, very long load time.

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