The Stupid Gamer Podcast #34 – Guess Whose Back?

That’s right, Stephen makes his return to the podcast this week. Miguel was out goofing around (catching the Watchmen movie), so it’s just us two. Hopefully next week will finally put all three of us together on the show once more. Here are the notes:

  • Welcome back Stephen!
  • Snacks
  • GDC News
  • Tangents!
  • Motion control on the 360/PS3–will it work?
  • What we’ve been playing
  • What’s coming up on the blog
  • Bubble Bobble theme to close show


Apparently the duo pictured above was a bit more important to Miguel than joining Stephen and I on the podcast, but it’s okay. We hope you enjoy the show. I have met the man in person, and I feel safe saying that Stephen’s legs are just as nice as those pictured above (you decide who I’m referring to).


Awesome show! So much I want to comment on! Glad Stephen is back I hope Miguel is back next time too.
Great topics-A peripheral does have to be included from the get-go to get support-NES Zapper for example had more 3rd party support than 1st party.

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