Arcades in people’s garages

Most people use their garages for stuff like cars, lawnmowers, bicycles, and for a little bit of extra storage. For arcade collectors, however, they can often be used as workshops or even fully fledged game rooms. Here’s a gallery of images that I’ve collected from around the Internet that shows off a bunch of garages that are being used by arcade collectors. Some of these garages look like disorganized messes, while others look like swank lounges complete with bars, comfortable seating, and interesting decorations. If you have pictures that you would like to contribute, email them to me at jar155 [at] and I’ll add them to the slideshow.

Note: You can maximize the slideshow to see the images in full screen.


I don’t think stoopidg’s was represented. It is about time for an update.

I am not a huge arcade guy, but I would love to have a pinball machine and one of the Off Road’s with three wheels. If I am able to get to that point at some point in my life, I will consider myself a success. (by that equation you are many times over a success, so you no longer need to live).

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