Balance Board support for Punch-Out!!?

When the PR came out last week giving new details about Punch-Out!! it sounded like both motion and classic control would be supported for the game, but no mention was made of the Wii Balance Board. Well, it appears that Nintendo’s official site–in Italy–accidentally leaked that support for the rarely used peripheral is indeed in the works. Now this is awesome news, if true. 


While I still think I’d prefer classic control to anything else, I’m very happy to hear that Balance Board support is most likely in the game. I always liked boxing in Wii Sports and Wii Fit, even if they were kind of shoehorned into the control scheme. A game that is designed with the Balance Board in mind should interact well and give players a fun way to experience the game in more than one manner. Besides, losing weight with Punch-Out!! sounds much more fun than a lot of alternatives out there.