First Madden ’10 screen is shown

On Peter Moore’s official blog, the first Madden ’10 screen has been released. It’s really hard to tell much from a single screen, but it looks pretty nice to me. Peter talks a bit about the game on the blog, so check out the post, here:


It will be nice when we can get some in-depth details of all of the gameplay tweaks and improvements that are going into this year’s version of the game. The last few years have been pretty disappointing for me, and I’m usually left wondering just how much work goes into the title year to year. At some point, however, EA is going to have to start matching the quality of the releases that we saw during the past generation of consoles, when Madden was really in its prime as a series.


The graphics were and are pretty much good enough for me. I’m crossing my fingers for a few tweaks to the gameplay and a massive overhaul for franchise mode.

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