Pearl Jam’s Ten hits Rock Band next week

Of all the complete albums that have been released on Rock Band so far, this is by far my most anticipated release. On Tuesday for Xbox 360 owners and Thursday for PS3 owners, Pearl Jam’s Ten will be available for download. For those youngsters that don’t know how great of an album Ten was, hit up your torr–er, uh, Amazon.mp3 and get the album and give it a listen. Nirvana who? Here are the tracks that will be made available either as a whole or individually:

  • Once
  • Even Flow
  • Why Go
  • Black
  • Jeremy
  • Oceans
  • Porch
  • Garden
  • Deep
  • Release
  • Master/Slave¬†
So yeah, download it and enjoy one of the best albums of the ’90s. Just don’t send me the bill when you kick over your subwoofer during the guitar solo in Even Flow.¬†

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