Welcome, APB! Another arcade joins the game room (with pics)

Today my wife (who is 8 months pregnant), my dog, and I headed up to Nampa, Idaho (about 15 minutes east of Boise) to pick up an APB arcade game from a fellow KLOV/BYOAC member, FrizzleFried. Boise is about a 5 hour drive from here, so we got started early. The little adventure wasn’t without its complications, as you’ll see by checking out the pictures and descriptions below, but it was 100% successful and we had a great time. We’re back home, very tired, but happy to have our new game. It’s still in the garage, but we’ll get it moved down into the game room early next week after I do a little bit of extra cleaning on the machine (it’s already pretty darn clean). I usually don’t like splitting posts with a jump, but since this one is a little lengthy I’m going to do so in order to save the front page from being abnormally long.

We set our alarm for 6:00am, and after a couple of short snooze delays, we got up and got things going. Bowser was very excited to be going on a ride, and we were shaking off our sleepiness as we had a quick breakfast on the road of smoothies and cinammon rolls.


Not even 20 minutes into the trip our speedometer breaks. For the entirety of the trip we were estimating our speeds and trying to peer into the dashboards of the cars we were passing to get an idea of how fast we were going. After finding out that it takes 48 seconds to travel a mile at 75mph (the speed limit for 80% of the way), we got dialed in and relied heavily on the cruise control. Things got tricky in the cities when speeds varied between 25mph and 40mph often, however.


Despite the complications provided by the speedometer and the early start, Bowser couldn’t have been more content to be our travel buddy. He is always willing to go on road trips; even the long ones.


At times the landscape got pretty bland, but we were rocking some tunes the entire way to keep us entertained. This picture was taken about an hour outside of Boise, Idaho.


After getting into FrizzleFried’s hometown, we found his place easy enough and he greeted us quite warmly. I got the full tour of his arcades (including his Star Wars cockpit!), and we swapped some repair, buying, selling, and restoration stories. Bowser was getting antsy, and Frizz and his wife were nice enough to let him wander their yard while we all got to know each other a bit better. My wife is due at the end of next month with our firstborn, and they’re nearing the point in their pregnancy where they get to find out if it’s a boy or girl they’ll be having come October. We had a long ride ahead of us, so we had to cut short our time in Nampa, so Frizz and I loaded the APB up into the back of the Yukon. The first try failed, as it was a bit too big, but after removing the control panel it fit like a glove. Bowser was a good sport about dealing with tighter quarters on the return trip. So after loading up and saying goodbye, we headed out to find some lunch and to head back home.


We ate right there in Nampa at the Pizza Factory. After walking in I noticed that they had an arcade! They had a Metal Slug 5, Whitewater pin, Big Buck Hunter, Cruis’n the World, R-Type, Ms. Pac-Man, and possibly one or two more. The Ms. Pac-Man had a Willis control panel overlay, so I had to take a pic of that. It was actually the first Ms. Pac-Man Willis CP overlay that I had ever seen in the wild. Lunch gave us a chance to get ready for the return trip, and the food was pretty good too.





During the return trip Tami’s fatigue caught up with her for a bit and she crashed hard for about an hour and a half (remember, she’s 8 months pregnant). She woke up as I was in the middle of a bladder emergency. For some reason Bowser decided he was done with the back of the Yukon and he jumped the center console and tried to play lap dog with Tami. She was good to put up with it for the mile or so that it took for me to get to a gas station where we piled out, refilled the gas tank, let Bowser stretch for a bit, and grabbed some drinks for the remainder of the drive. Bowser returned to the back of the Yukon next to the arcade and he slept the rest of the way back. Tami and I cranked the tunes one more time and pushed through the rest of the drive.


When we pulled into our driveway I snapped a quick picture of the tripometer. You’ll aslo notice that even though we have the car in park with the emergency brake on, the speedometer is saying that we’re going about 110mph.


After putting a bit more air into the hand truck’s tires, I slid the machine out of the back of the Yukon, put the control panel back on the machine, and moved it into the garage. We both gave it a quick play, and it plays like a dream. APB has always been a personal favorite for a variety of reasons, so I’m really excited to bring this one home. It will spend the next couple of days in the garage where it will get a cleaning inside and out. After that, we’ll move it downstairs and into the game room where it will be a welcome addition.


Big thanks to FrizzleFried for such a smooth and enjoyable transaction. Also, I gotta give my wife all kinds of credit for spending over 10 hours in a car with an old arcade machine and a big dog while being pregnant and uncomfortable. Here’s hoping that this is just one more of many more arcade trips. If you want to read about our last road trip where we picked up a very special Spy Hunter down in Las Vegas, check out the link here: http://stupidgamer.com/2008/04/07/an-arcade-miraclea-spy-hunter-homecoming/


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