I’m an Architect, and I use Autocad and 3DSMAX and my office is small, we are 8 peolpe, with a very simple and basic network setup. I needed a backup to backup our AutoCAD and 3dsmax files. I tried many backup software, most of them are very complicated, but I managed to read the help and run it. After a while you discover lots of problems, for example, I installed Acronis on all of our 8 AutoCAD drawing computers and scheduled the backup to run daily at 8 pm, sometimes we work late so it will start backup and really interrupt our work!!! which is so annoying and not acceptable, other times, it misses the backup schedule time, next time I come to the office it asks me to backup and again it will interrupt my work. I tried their continuous backup also, it hanged my machine and really disrupted my work which I hated, it also really causes problems with Diskeeper which I also use. I Auto save AutoCAD every 10 minutes so the file is changed frequently. I tired other backup software but they keep taking snap shots of the file every time (10 min’s), and later I discovered they take the whole file every time, my NAS backup location got filled quickly, was not acceptableThen I installed Genie Timeline 2.0. I have been using it for a month now, it’s perfect, easy to install, 3 steps, never ever have to worry about scheduling or missing a schedule or a shut down computer, etc. I never have to worry about overwriting my AutoCAD accidently (I can easily use Windows explore to go back in time and copy/paste it.) It also backs up changed sections of the file, not the whole file every time I save! In the backup destination I can find any file easily, it preserves the name and supports ZIP Compression. From time to time, i go manually and delete the unwanted files from the backup, like when we finish a project and want to keep only the golden master drawingAnd the best thing is it runs silently in the background. I never felt any decrease in my system’s performance. I also discovered one cool feature, which is Games/Movies Mode, sometimes when we do a huge big animation using 3dsmax, and we are watching it, I don’t want the backup to interrupt the movie play which is cool.It’s perfect for us; simple. Most architects here don’t know anything about computers so Genie Timeline doesn’t require any knowledge or maintenance. It also won’t require me to pay lots of money for a computer IT guy to manage my backups.Great work guys, keep it fast and simpleKurt Bracewell