Tetris, for people who have way too much free time

Tetris has always been a great time waster, but this version of it clearly outdoes anything you have ever seen before. By using your whole screen and shrinking the pieces down, it would take you all day to make any significant progress. If you get up to 10-20 lines, you’re a far more patient and dedicated man than I am. If anybody sends me a screen shot of them getting a Tetris, well, I might just have to give you an high five.

Link: http://sovietrussia.org/f/src/tetoris.swf

Seriously now, this is just silly.

Note: Pressing space bar makes the block drop faster. You can also click on the “key” button on the top right to make it so space bar rotates the block and the down arrow makes it fall faster.


After 15 minutes, I decided to intentionally lose by stacking the pieces in a straight vertical line. Even that took five minutes!