Street Fighter IV ticks me off!

Disclaimer: The following rant is purely the opinion of me (Brad Mosbacher) and is not reflective in any way of the opinions of Jeff Rivera, anyone else affiliated with Stupid Gamer, or the millions of SFIV fans that will maul me when they find out I posted this little rant. Now it’s time for me to rage.

This story starts out fairly innocently. I was at Target yesterday, to purchase some necessities that were long overdue for me (clothes, pillow, new shoes and the like) , so i decide while I was there that I would go ahead and purchase Star Ocean: The Last Hope for 360. But those hopes were dashed on some rather sharp rocks when they didn’t even have a slot open on their shelf for the game. So I wander about the store for a while more, picking up various items and  just looking around before coming back to look at games again. This time I notice they have Street Fighter IV in stock and I decide on a whim that I was going to buy the game, even though I know next to nothing about it, aside from what was told to me by word of mouth. I end up purchasing the game and then I check out and leave. Fast Forward to 11:30 PM: I pop the game into the 360 and install it to the hard drive, then fire it up, not knowing what to expect. I enter the game, go into options and set the difficulty to easy, then I enter arcade mode. I pick the character I want to play as, which was Ryu, and start a match, then the game does something unexpected. It comes right at me like a seasoned  pro gamer and completely annhilates me, again and again. So I pick a new character, Chun Li this time. I manage to win a couple times and was starting to feel pretty darn good about myself when it happens again. The AI goes into kill mode and wipes its electronic ass with me. Needless to say I am absolutely and totally pissed off right now, simply because of the cheapness and overpowering nature of the game’s AI, even on the easiest difficulty.  As it is now, it is absolutely impossible for me to learn how to play this game even if I wanted to (yes I know there is a training mode, but I dont like those modes). Long story short I think I made the biggest mistake of my life buying Street Fighter IV and I will probably never bother with the series again.


Okey, let me say something. first, I’m not a SF expert, i know a little but that was on my time at the arcade. second, they have the training for a reason, and that reasons was to help people like you to learn the game. I’m don´t know if the Ai cheat or something, but you can´t expect to win any game without learning how to play it. that could happen in chess or SF o Command 6 Conquer, or whatever.
First, you do the training, then you play the game, if still you have problem you can rant your heart out. but at this time I don’t feel sorry for you.

Jeff Rivera

Man up!

You’ll get better with time. You’ll figure out timing, proper blocking, and counterattacks. Read the tips I posted, I’ve had numerous people email me and tell me that it helped them out almost instantly.


I think I’ve posted a little bit too much. I’m going to take a break now. Clearly Easy != Easiest.


After playing this game all the way through in Arcade on medium a couple times and playing online enough to get a feel for the level of competition, I’ve decided that Curtass was right. I shouldn’t have bothered reading this post.

There are two levels of difficulty below “easy.”

Also, the AI in the game is about on par with what you’ll see online. I wouldn’t hop into a game of Counter-strike having never played and expect to be top of the leader boards. I wouldn’t expect to hop into a World of Warcraft battleground with “green” armor and expect to be top of the leader boards there either. Why would I expect to just zoom to the end of arcade mode without having to “continue” even once on the world’s premier fighting game?

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