The Stupid Gamer Street Fighter IV Guide

At times I try to convince myself that I’m actually pretty good at Street Fighter. I mean, I probably gave local gas stations and arcades every quarter I owned from the moment Street Fighter II hit the US up until the late ’90s.  As Street Fighter IV has caused a lot of hype and attention, I have noticed that many popular message boards are filling up with newcomers asking why the series is so difficult. There are also quite a few old-timers that walked away from the game around the time that Capcom started focusing in on the Alpha series.  Well, I’m hoping that our Street Fighter IV guide will be useful to both of those groups, as well as the longtime casual player that’s never really been able to delve into the deeper bits of the battle system.

You can find the guide here:


A link to the guide is also available just below the site header. Please feel free to email me anything that you think would improve the guide at jar155 [at] I also welcome any and all criticism about my strategies or conclusions about the game. Thanks for reading!