Resident Evil 5 demo is on XBL Marketplace

Yep, as of right now the Resident Evil 5 demo is available for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo will also be available for the PSN store, but it’s not coming out until February 2nd. So all you Xboxers, go out and download the demo for what is definitely one of 2009’s most anticipated titles.


Resident Evil 5 is releasing on Friday the 13, this March. With online co-op play, this is probably going to be one of the biggest Resident Evil games ever. If by some criminal act you skipped Resident Evil 4, playing it now would be a great idea. The Wii port is excellent, and it uses the Wii Remote controls quite well. Alternatively it’s pretty cheap on GameCube, and it holds up very well from both a graphical and gameplay standpoint.


I’ll be downloading it either tonight or tomorrow. Have you played MK vs DC yet? I may pick that up tomorrow.