Former 1up Show staff finds their permanent home at Area 5

In just a couple of short weeks, the 1up Show staff has managed to do a pretty impressive job at pooling together their resources and re-establish themselves on their new permanent home: Area 5 ( The team has already uploaded their first episode, and it’s jam-packed with ex-1up staff as they go over their favorite games from 2008. The name of the show is Co-Op, and we can only expect good things as the guys get the gear they need together and find more solid footing in their newfound situation. Here are some helpful links to get rolling with the show:

Episode 1:

YouTube Channel:

Right now you can’t subscribe via iTunes, but the YouTube subscription is free. The reasons for this direction are detailed on the Area 5 site. It’s important that the team gets a lot of YouTube subscribers, so if you’re interested in what they’re doing, make sure to support them with the subscription.


I thought 1up was a good source for info and the former staff wrote some good reviews and articles. However, I felt the site was assembled in a rather haphazard, sloppy fashion, and quite frankly, was fugly.

It’s good to see the folks get back on their feet so quickly.

Speaking of fugliness, what’s up with the background on this site? Wasn’t there a contest MONTHS ago that allowed readers to design a new background? What ever happened to that? This one actually isn’t that bad, though. Just curious.


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