And they say that Jedis aren’t real…bogus!

This guy has to have some sort of supernatural power to do what he does in the video below. Seriously. I have Marble Madness at home, with the trackball, and I’ve only ever completed the game once. When I did, I think I had like 9-10 seconds to spare and I felt like the greatest gamer ever. Now this video comes along and humbles me beyond description. Check out the video guys, even if you’ve never played Marble Madness in the arcade, you’ll have to appreciate what this guy manages to pull off.


I’ve seen King Of Kong and it made Mitchell look like a real d-bag. What was Chasing Ghosts about? Sounds like it’d have something to do with Pac-Man.

Jeff Rivera

Chasing Ghosts is another documentary on classic gamers going after record arcade scores.

King of Kong is extremely entertaining, but the way they twisted Billy Mitchell around is downright criminal. I’ll have to post details, but there’s a ton of stuff in that movie that isn’t quite as it appears, including many of Billy’s seemingly outrageous statements or claims. I still love the film, but it’s extremely biased in its execution.