Forbes: Rock Band is a shameless knockoff

Yeah, that’s a direct quote. In a recent article where Forbes did a profile on Bobby Kotick, the big boss of Activision, they take a random shot at EA/MTV Games/Harmonix in an attempt to continue their pumping up of Bobby. Here’s the direct quote:

EA also teamed with MTV to sell Rock Band, a shameless knockoff of Guitar Hero that added drums, bass and a microphone to the world of make-believe rock stars.

Now, we’ve had issues with Forbes in the past where they’ve either tired to capitalize on a hot topic in gaming or to stir up controversy for hits, but this one just smacks of ignornace. First of all, Harmonix created Guitar Hero, so it would be hard for them to “knockoff” their own creation. Secondly, Rock Band took a concept that was growing stagnant and evolved it into something much bigger and much more exciting. If anything, Guitar Hero: World Tour is a “shameless knockoff” of Rock Band, but we’re not about to go there right now. Oh, and for the record Forbes, Activision isn’t the most successful publisher in videogames today, that title belongs to Nintendo. Fact checking, folks.

Link to the original story (quote on page 3): 


In truth they are all knock offs of what Konami did, though wasn’t Harmonix responsible for the guitar game?

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