No podcast this week, intermittent downtime explained

First of all, there won’t be a podcast this week because I’ve not been able to sleep the past 4 nights due to a terrible toothache (broken tooth, now infected), and I’m barely getting through my work days, let alone having the time to put together a show. Sorry to both of you listeners out there.

Secondly, some of you have probably noticed that the site has been going down for 10-20 minute periods lately, with some lasting up to an hour or two. Well, it appears that our site is outgrowing it’s humble hosting environment and we’ll probably have to find a more robust and reliable option soon. This is both good news and bad news. The good news is that we’re obviously getting a lot more readers, but it’s bad because it’s obviously going to cost us more, and we don’t make enough on ads to offset that cost. Heck, we don’t make anything on ads, they just look cool over there. So until these downtimes become more of an issue, we’ll just deal with them, but we’re aware we’ll need to make a move eventually.

Thanks, for the continued support, and look for a new podcast next week. For now, I suggest catching RebelFM and the Giant Bombcast.