Ladies and gentleman, the worst gaming article of 2008

Now, isn’t known for its journalistic integrity, but when you’re going to make a list, submit it to Digg, and then sit back and smugly admire your wares, you should at least make an attempt to be accurate. Cracked posted their list of “The 6 Most Retarded Gaming Consoles Ever Released”, and it included such undeserving nominees as the Fairchild, the Vectrex, the Odyssey, and the TG-16. I might agree with the inclusion of the Nomad and the Epoch, but they’re still a push to get in there.

Now sure, this is probably just an article that’s 50% traffic bait, so they have to be a little controversial, but how do such stinkers like the CD-i, 3DO, 32X, or the Pippin manage to keep themselves off the list? It’s downright shameful of them to put out some of the consoles they did on that list.

Hey Cracked, go back to making fun of Hollywood. You’re just a poor man’s Mad Magazine anyway.


Funny, I’ve heard of all of those consoles. How about that?

I agree that it isn’t a good list without the CD-i, 3DO, 32X (even the Sega CD) or Pippin. And while we are at it, throw the Jaguar and the Virtual Boy on there.


I know this has been said before, but I bet the writers of that article have never played 90% of those gaming systems. So how can they have such a low openion of something they just read about? Its just terrible gaming journalism.

My vote would have to go to the CDI, with the 3DO trailing not too far behind. The Atari Jaguar had some nice gems like Tempest 2000, and who could forget the Virtual Boy’s Mario Tennis, and Wario Land titles? They were great games dispite the Virtual Boy being a dismal failure for Nintendo.